That Hi-Tech Beauty Gadget Called A Brush

After reading about the electronic powder puff, I began to keep an eye out for practical beauty tools.

Much as I like using the 2-way cake, I worry about staining my face with powders and pigment that cling well.

So I also use liquid foundation on days when i don’t need a made-up look or when I just want sun protection on my face.

But I struggle to put the liquid on smoothly or evenly, and it always feel a little thicker after setting with powder (without powder, I looked like I’d been out for a run)

Then last night, something happened: At The Body Shop, the store clerk was showing me the different liquid foundation and applying them to my hands with… **drumroll**…. a foundation brush!

It gave a really light and even coverage, and even with loose powder on it, it looked really natural.

I bought it!


Above: the new tool with my trusty Suki color mineral foundation.

Tried it this morning (slept only 4+ hours) and within minutes, I was ready! Didn’t have to worry abt make-up staining my finger tips at all.  🙂

My face didnt feel cakey or heavy. Light and natural with both liquid foundation and loose powder.



2 thoughts on “That Hi-Tech Beauty Gadget Called A Brush

  1. Did you use a latex sponge before? I couldn’t deal with the cakeyness of a sponge application, so the Clinique consultant suggested a foundation brush too. I love how easy and lightly it goes on with a brush. YAAY!

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