About The Clueless Closettes

You don’t know us. We’re not from around here. Like, y’know, your neighbourhood, school or supermarket.
We’re exotic. We’re also totally international.

We’re each fiercely individual and, some people would say behind our backs, that we’re too opinionated for our nail polish.

But, like we care.

No matter who we are, what roles we play, or where we live, we are united by one common condition:

We open our closets, and we declare: We have nothing to wear.

We are:

Ms Small White Skinny (SWS): You know, the one who’s most apt to buy 3 Ferragamos or Bruno Maglis at a go. Also the same one who’d be the Frugalista the next minute. Total Schizo, you know.

Miss Dressy (The MD): The one who owns tons of dresses. Who can buy 8 dresses at a go. And only because it’s sooo easy on the brain: no need to mix and match.

CalifornianClosette (formerly known as The Monochromatic Chameleon): The one that can go from hiking boots to flip flops to killer heels, all in one day, her outfits used to be predominantly black, black,  more black, some white, or grey. The sunshine, perpetual blue skies, and “all-things-awesome” Californian attitude has helped her s-l-o-w-l-y diversify across the color spectrum, but she still has a tendency to buy multiples of the same thing (in black, white and/or grey) if it fits well. Also has a well-documented weakness for stripes.

Leetle Miss Atas: The one who believes in spending on shoes and bags, but is more than happy to inherit hand-me-down-clothes (mostly worn less than 5 times, some are even brand new!!) from her Atas* sister. She is also crazy about eye make-up, manicure and pedicure. Leetle Miss Atas has supersonic skills that allows her to run after the bus or drive in her 3.5 inch heels; and is always freaking coordinated from top to toe, right down to the bags and shoes. She lives in Sunny Singapore where there are no outlet malls and everything is expensive.
*Atas = “High-end” in the Malay language

Her Royal Highness M (HRH M): That’s right, she is famous enough to be known just by a single letterwhich not coincidentally, also starts the words Marvellous and Magnificent. True to her name, she expects a life fit for royalty, and spends much time daydreaming about the day when that lifestyle is finally a reality. She is still waiting for the day when her personal shopper will show up at her door, and in the meantime does a lot of her shopping from within the depths of her cupboard.

Koreanoona (K-noona): Forever 18 and chasing after her Korean hunks in her 4″ killer platform heels, K-noona’s Singaporean by birth and Korean by heart. Eye creams (yes, it’s in plural) help her to remain under 21 (hopefully) for a long, long time. Her wardrobe looks like it’s bursting at the seams and she’s already eyeing the spare wardrobe space in her Beefy Boyfriend’s house.

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