Country club chic, perhaps?

Overheard at lunch between two ladies at an upmarket bistro today about country club chic. Yes, that’s right. Good eats welcome people who dress right. On cruises and various holiday spots, we will need the right clothes and accessories.

In fact, the lady said to have the right accessories to look rich.

Here we have the very picture of country club chic from One Who Lunches:


The look:
Chic side braid
Eye-catching chunky bead necklace
Carrie K silver earrings



I bought myself a new camera!


Ok not really, but I got myself a steal of a deal on this iPhone cover, only $2 instead of the usual $16!! I love post Xmas sales!!

It does however, come with a caveat:


I’m only letting this go by because of the discounted price, otherwise who would let anything like this fly!

Fashionably unfashionable

Spotted recently at the local Zara outlet:


I know lace is all the rage, as our jewel-tone colours, but I can’t quite imagine these emerald green lace cropped pants being pulled off by someone who isn’t a model in a photo shoot. Has anyone seen/worn a working example of this style? I haven’t seen it in the streets yet!

Awaiting dinner wear

Here’s something that may be unheard of:
A couple has to go to a dinner, the wife has been ready for nearly an hour, and the husband has YET to be ready. (Husband is still sitting downstairs in a manky t-shirt and grungy jeans, and wife is complaining about him on a public blog).

But while we’re waiting, we might as well see what the wife is wearing!


A plum coloured silk traditional outfit with gold thread work along the top and turquoise trim. This outfit may look familiar to some people who attended my dholki! I haven’t worn it since, it having been deemed “too simple” for a new bride to wear!

So yes, I’m rebelling tonight.

I’ll let you know if I survive the evening 🙂

Closette nightmare

Dear fellow Closettes,

I have a nightmare on my hands…literally.

Sometime last week, in the midst of some grotesque snow blizzard, my hand slipped while shutting the car boot, and ripped part of my nail off instead:


Now it just keeps getting caught on stuff (prime example: wool gloves, or my own hair!). I have put on band aids, but because of where it is, they just slide off. Also I can’t just trim it to be a kind of straight line either.

Now the bigger problem is, I have some formal dinners to go to, and have also started job hunting, so any ideas on how I can make my hand look closettes worthy??

New, new, new!

New post!

New house!

New year!

We recently moved into our own place, and when A mentioned that we would be doing a lot of the reno ourselves, I was very excited! I’d seen our very situation many times over in the movies: a young couple excitedly moves into their first house and immediately sets about to changing the paint colour of all the walls. They start painting and a couple of scenes later they’re done!

That, my friends, is yet another Hollywood deception. It is a long, drawn-out, messy process. Which is why my uniform for the entire process was this exact outfit:


(Action shot to prove I actually have performed some manual labour). Blue and white plaid shirt, Dorothy Perkins denim skinnies, and one blue and one pink sock, each paint-spattered by this point. (Note on the different coloured socks: this was a trend that started in high school, and I continued it on when I moved to Toronto. I had graduated onto to matching socks but had to go back when A declared he preferred the mismatch).

This is what had happened by the end of the paint job:


More paint on me than the walls? Perhaps.

While on the topic of clothes, check out A modelling his new wardrobe:


A sports stylish new options for dressing your windows. On the left, a shower of multi-coloured squares decorate the material, while on the right, we see the time-tested elegance of simple white.

(In case you’re wondering, we didn’t go with either of these designs).

2013 seems like it will be holding a lot more in terms of house fashion for me, but hopefully a lot more of me fashion for you! (also I really really hope 2013 doesn’t bring out that blue plaid shirt again!)

Tee Tree Mee

When packing for my recent trip to Karachi, I didn’t feel like lugging around my giant bottle of facewash (nor could be bothered enough to put some into a small jar), so I headed to the nearest Body Shop to buy some tea tree facial wipes. I figured with the heat and all the make-up I’d have to do while being there for a wedding, I’d need all the extra help I can get anyways.

When I reached the cashier, I noticed a new tea tree product next to the register and picked it up while my purchase was being rung up. She said it was brand new and at that point only available to Body Shop members (which I wasn’t). This was obviously followed up by if I wanted to be one, and I would have said no, had I not just found out that I would be getting it for free because it was my birthday month AND 10% stuff I’d buy, so I said, hey sign me up!

Of course then I also had to buy this:

I think it’s available to everyone now. The directions say to put this on AFTER your moisturiser, and it will also give your skin a mattifying effect. I tried this out while in Karachi as well, and I’m quite a fan! My skin simply glowed during that trip. Although, that may have been due to sweating out all the toxins in that heat! In any case, I love the tea tree line of products, and it’s latest addition doesn’t disappoint.

Ain’t eye pretty

If you recall, a while back I wrote about different styles of doing eye make-up. I’d actually then embarked upon some human experimentation, by trying on those looks, and then taking pictures of the styles that actually made it to the outside world.

Without further ado:

1. Purple all over: Purple eyeliner on upper lid, purple eyeshadow below lower lash line


2. Blackandyellow: Black eyeliner with yellow eyeshadow under lash line (this is my new favourite, it really makes the eyes look brighter)


3. Not-so-subtle: Black eyeliner with a holy crap that’s bright turquoise eyeliner lining the bottom lash line. (I assure you, this one gets attention)


More Hair Bling

While we’re talking about things in our hair, this is what I wore on a recent outing with A:


More sparkles in my hair! (My mother always says my tastes haven’t progressed much since I was 4 years old, but what can I say, I just have a sparkly personality!)

Bling my Hair!

Hello Closettes! I know I’ve been missing for the past couple of weeks – have been caught up in my brother-in-law’s wedding festivities (yes, yes, blame it all on the in-laws). But with a wedding comes dressing up!


Enter hair jewellery!

I’ve had these pins for a while, and thought what better occasion to bring out the bling than at a wedding. So I handed them over to the hairdresser and asked her if she could incorporate them into whatever hairstyle she was planning on giving me.

Happily she complied:


As a bonus, I shall treat you all to a lousy picture I took in an attempt to show you guys what the entire hairstyle was (a half-up ponytail with all the loose hair curled)


Suitably shiny

A couple of weeks ago the husband’s aunt dropped by to meet her cousin’s daughter in law (ie me) for the first time. This meant that the daughter in law had to be suitably dressed up to look bride-ish, but not SO dressed up that I looked like I don’t get out very often.

So I pulled out the below outfit for the afternoon:

(pardon the blurry picture). The flowy black and white with coloured prints at the bottom top not only hides any weight I’ve put in since the wedding (heh), but also does not need ironing!

I paired the outfit with small hoops I was gifted at my wedding as well

Yes you DO see a particular name on the inside of the box!

The verdict: the aunt was suitably pleased with the amount of bling I had put on for her. *pats self on head*

Disco ready

I was feeling very subtle this morning


Also in the background you can see the very on trend and fashionable Chocolate Cheerios. Mmmmmmm.

Back to the nails, I picked up this colour on a whim a while back – from Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri collection


It keeps me entertained on days where I don’t have to maintain an elegant and subdued impression to the outside world.

Happy Birthday Sugar!

So I walked into Sephora recently to replenish some makeup, and while at the cash register, I asked “Hey, don’t I get something for my birthday month?”

The salesperson politely informed me that my birthday wasn’t in their system, but if I had any proof then they could work with that. So I whipped out my driving license, and the salesperson popped a little box into my bag and told me to have a nice day. (just that, no birthday wishes, hmph).



Yay for freebies! (and shamelessly asking for them)