Brown Wedgetarian

So the gray Wedgetarians did not look so hot on me. I managed to snag a pair in brown from Amazon (and at $30 less!), and they turned out much better.


They meet my functional checklist but at this point, I’m still not 100% in love with them. I’ll have to test them out at home with a couple of different outfits and make a decision…



Walking Wedgetarian: Gray

This year is shaping up to be rather Europe-centric for me, involving lots of walking on cobblestone streets and taking trains and buses. I started looking for something comfortable, practical, and more stylish than sneakers.

I chanced upon the Wedgetarian Lexi by Merrell, one of my favorite comfort shoe brands. I ordered a pair in grey via Zappos VIP:


They met my expectations and are super comfy, the grippy sole provides excellent tread, which bodes well for rainy / wintry streets. I’m confident that they won’t need breaking in! And though the wedge looks high, I can hardly feel that my feet are elevated.

But…. the downside is that this “rhinoceros” grey really stands out, and looks too stark against my usual palette of dark clothing in general. Oh, and these wouldn’t make good ‘airport’ shoes, since it takes time to lace & unlace them.

I’ve just ordered the ‘Dark Earth’ brown version, and most likely will return these. Stay tuned for updates!

Cole Haan comfort

I had previously blogged about wearing Cole Haan Nike Air wedges for work, and today at Nordstrom Rack, I chanced upon this other pair of Cole Haan wedges that are slightly different than those I own, but for HALF THE PRICE!


Boring as they are, I simply had to buy them, since my shoes (and feet) are subject to so much abuse, I know I’ll be needing a new pair by early next year, and I couldn’t pass these up at half price.

Hey, at least it’s a tax write-off!

Saturday Night Out

We usually work on Saturdays, so when I had a rare opportunity to hang out with friends in a hip neighborhood tonight, I decided to try something new:

I wore my Levi’s Curves skinny jeans with the new Calvin Klein wedges, paired with a leather jacket from Forever 21, a cheapo H&M striped tee, and a $7 Gap scarf.

Thus far I’ve only worn the skinny jeans inside of boots. I can’t say I really feel confident/comfortable wearing them like this. I feel… chunky.


I also tried the outfit with these Steve Madden Luxe ankle strap heels (got them for under $20 a couple of years ago):
These shoes actually go better with my outfit, but they’re notoriously uncomfortable despite the addition of insole padding. Knowing that Los Angeles on Saturday night could mean a parking nightmare (i.e.: walking several blocks – also because The Husband is vehemently against paying for valet – I decided against them.

In the end we had to walk 2 blocks, so I’m certainly glad I made a practical choice!

Black Wedges: Work Shoes

Over the last 36 hours, I ordered TWO pairs of black wedges from Zappos, both of which are justified purchases:

My cheapie pair of black patent wedges are finally showing their age, having split a few months ago, and now the sole’s getting pretty worn out. I love the stability and relative comfort of wedges, and these are certainly my go-to shoes for client meetings.

As such, I ordered a replacement pair in the form of Calvin Klein ‘Callie’ wedges in black leather, which were on sale at $69:


I love the height and how sleek & simple they are, and they show the perfect number of toes, haha.

The other pair of wedges I purchased – Cole Haan Air Tali Open Toe Wedge 40 – I’m totally not happy about the price (eeeeeeeeek!), but at least they count as a business expense, i.e.: tax write-off! These shoes are certainly a “need”, not a “want”. They’re not exactly the prettiest footwear, but they did serve me VERY well last year, where, for once, my feet weren’t completely destroyed with blisters & cuts after a long day of work. I highly recommend them if you have a job that requires a lot of walking around / on your feet all day.

Nike Air sole. Best invention EVER in a dress shoe!

Low wedge for greater comfort – completely flat shoes don’t have enough support for my high arches – peep toe for cuteness and breathing room & space, soft supple leather that doesn’t chafe & cut.

The biggest problem is that it seems like Cole Haan is no longer making this exact design: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am almost tempted to buy another pair as backup. Almost, if they weren’t so darn expensive!

DSW: Disappointed at the Shoe Warehouse

I’m a HUGE fan of DSW (“Designer Shoe Warehouse”), and thanks to their wonderful rewards program, I realized that I had $20 in reward vouchers to spend by this week. Eeeeek!

I trooped over to DSW, hoping that I would find some good deals like I always did. Slouchy grey boots were on my radar, but alas, out of ALL the aisles of boots, there were no grey slouchy boots to be found!

Here are some items that caught my eye:

It doesn’t really rain in Southern California, nor are these something I would realistically wear, but these whale-print galoshes are just so cute!

This brown pointy pair was really quite fetching with a stacked wooden heel, however, I wasn’t convinced how often I would get to wear them.

I really, really, liked this pair of nude cork wedges by Via Spiga. With the padded footbed, they were really comfy too, albeit a little high. But… I already own 2 pairs of wedges which I don’t even wear all that often, so paying $60 after the reward vouchers didn’t seem like a good idea.

I also tried on a couple pairs of boots (in sable and cognac) – sorry I forget to snap pictures – but I was reminded by The Husband that I *ahem* already own 2 pairs of brown boots. Well, can’t argue with that fact.

I ended up wandering DSW for an hour, desperately trying to find something to buy (can’t get $20 go to waste, can I? I’m such a sucker for marketing….)

Finally, I settled on a pair of Reef flipflops, priced at $24.99:

Not the most exciting purchase, but I’m pretty pleased to get these comfortable flipflops for $5.

Maybe next time, DSW!