Child wears Vintage

The Child wears her Mommy’s old dress in a new way courtesy of Mommy’s fashionista sister (ahem!).


Crochet dress circa early 1970s. Handmade by a lady commissioned by The Child’s great grandmother for only s$7. (yes, seven dollars!!)

Kept in pristine condition by The Child’s grandmother. *heart*

Blast from the past: Fashion Plates

I’m probably showing my age here but how many of you have played with this?

Photo credit: Facebook page “Who Remember’s This?”

I spent so many happy hours coming up with creation after creation, dreaming I could be a designer some day (I eventually did dabble in fashion design for A Level Art but dropped it in favour of graphic design ‘cos I really wasn’t very good at sketching figures). What joy Fashion Plates brought to us little girls. It was probably the nurturing start to many a fashionista.

If you remember this, it means two things:

1) you had a wonderful, creative-filled childhood void of computer games;

2) you are as old as k-noona. 😉

Stand proud, my friends!