The Search for Seamless Shorts

Jersey, lycra and even bamboo fabrics are great to wear but finding the right knickers for them is a real test of patience and energy.  I just found some really reasonably priced ones at Uniqlo.

Under their women’s Shorts Collection known as The Ultimate Seamless Innerwear, there were 3 colours going for S$8.45 each.

They fit great and didn’t show up under my yoga pants (UK brand Orange Carrot Peach). So pleased!


(Above: Picture taken off Uniqlo Singapore’s website.)

Delivered by Royal Mail

My order of steam creams has arrived! Delivered by Royal Mail from the United Kingdom. I had placed my order online just before blogging about my empties.

I had picked the special Makeup Artist Collaboration Gift Set which 3 makeup artists – Jemma Kidd, Wendy Rowe and Ruby Hammer – and their signature styles.



(oh, the Royal Mail has a cute little crown…)



A couple of my favorite things:

The tub of foot scrub from The Body Shop – used every alternate days or when I’ve been out on my feet all day at work. These work a treat to get rid of awful odors from the feet.

The tins of steam cream from UK. Am running very low on my supply of cream. Really great as moisturiser for my hands and body. I’ve just placed my order for another batch of steam cream, taking advantage of the fee shopping AND special 3-tin deal. Can’t wait!


Lugging A Laptop

I found a shoulder tote (if there’s such a term) for my 12″ laptop at Charles & Keith recently.

See, I’d been living with a shoulder bag but after adding extra weight like umbrella and battery pack, it got too heavy and bulky. I realised that a bag with shorter straps may work better for me.


(Above pic taken off Charles & Keith’s website)



(Above: my.ThinkPad sitting snugly in the bag.)



(Above: the bag AND ThinkPad after I stuffed in everything else.)


So far, this bag has been able to withstand a week of abuse. Let’s hope it stays strong!

New Finds At A Fashion Emporium

I popped into this year’s Blueprint, an emporium for new local and foreign designers, at the F1 Pit Building in Singapore.

Had gone to the emporium last year and find myself a lot of new bands and designs. Also bought a lot last year.

This time, I decided to set myself a strict budget. If there’s anything that I’m undecided about, I shall leave it for the next day. I figured that if I really like something, I’ll be thinking about all day and night… and then I shld get it.

So, with a tight budget of S$200, I took my time to slowly browsed through the emporium and chatted with people about their designs – from shoes to bags to jewelry to clothes.

After 3 hours, I came away with 2 items from OwnMuse Singapore. I had bought from the brand before and really liked their simple designs. Simple yet unique. (Ahead of the trip, I had emailed the dynamic duo behind OwnMuse, Shu Juang and Johanna, and they gave me their booth location.)


I bought a silk short sleeve blouse (looks like a tee shirt that I can wear dress up our down) and a uber cool drape dress in black and orange.

Here’s what the drape dress look like on a tall lanky model:


(Picture taken off OwnMuse’s fb page)

These were past season’s clothes but I figured I could still get a lot of mileage from these. At a hefty discount for this event, I certainly didn’t go above my budget. Yay!

Replacing Oscar

Remember I broke my Oscar de la Renta sunglasses recently? I managed to snag this Armani Exchange pair at a very decent price of $24.95 a couple of days ago. Thank you, Nordstrom Rack!

Besides the obvious criterion – a shape that suits my face – I always do the “hair test” on my sunglassses: do they push my hair back nicely and sit comfortably when I prop them up on my head. Anyone else does that too?

fashion coincidence

What are the odds of running into a friend whom you’ve not met in months and realising that she’s wearing something you own in the exact same style? Coincidence much? Well, that happened to me on Thursday and the fashion item in question is this:

This was something which I bought for less than S$10 from the Silk Market in Beijing approximately 4 years ago. And because of it’s poor quality – it tends to get rather static and the cloth will stick to the body – I usually wear it with black leggings, couple with black flats and a black cardigan if it gets to chilly.

I know this is a standard way of dressing, but seeing a mirror effect of this on a friend is just weird….


Cheap & Chic

Today is July 3rd, which means tomorrow marks another year of marriage for the Hubs and I. Keeping with our tradition of having a photo session done every year, we have been thinking of themes/ideas for a shoot, and of course, that means having to decide on outfits too. Groaaaaan… What to wear, what to wear?

We’re planning on 1 dressy and 1 casual outfit, and today I happened to pass a Forever 21, so I figured I should check it out. I haven’t had much luck with clothing purchases there, save for the $2 basic camisoles, so I was surprised I actually bought this long dress ($27.90):

Wearing a hat + ponytail because I was having a really bad hair day.
Shoes by Steve Madden Luxe. Purchased for about $19 last year, marked down from $150.

Back view.

I’m undecided about shoes, and need to figure out some accessories.

On a separate note, when I ducked into H&M with the Husband to try and find a chambray shirt for him, I realized that the summery dress I had tried on a couple of weeks ago is now on sale! Unfortunately there weren’t any blue ones left, so, despite my initial reservations, I purchased one in black.

On a whim, I tried them with my summery yellow shoes, and they actually look pretty good!

$7 for a dress makes me happy! 🙂

Now, all I need to do is find a second casual outfit for our anniversary shoot!