These boots are made for walking

Sitting at JFK 6 hours early for my flight (yes, really), I noticed that the past 8 days in Manhattan have really taken a toll on my boots.

I acquired these Ralph Lauren cuffed boots last year for about $129 I believe. Despite the high stacked heel, they are amazingly comfortable.

Hopefully some polish and TLC will bring back some semblance of lustre to these hardworking shoes. The streets of New York + subway closures due to Hurricane Sandy certainly mean these boots were pounding the pavement a LOT!

The JV Jetsetter

15 years ago, a young and sprightly Jetsetter would effortlessly hop from one office to airport to hotel and more offices with a single backpack into which she could fit:
~ Toiletries
~ Laptop sans neoprene or any protection
~ Rolled up clothes
~ Ziploc bag of money
~ and her passport.

She thought she looked really cool, calm and collected.

She thought she’d do the nation hopping again.

And here’s what One Millenial’s view of her.



Travelling Light

As a lone female traveller, I tend to favour the small / light handbag plus large tote combination. This is a far cry from my stuff-everything-into-a-backpack days 10 years ago.

It’s not age, I reason to self, it’s fashion. ­čśë

I can pack more than 1 handbag just so that I have options to go with the travel clothes.

A handbag that packs easily works great. These days, the Agnes B handbag in either grey or black come in very handy. (omg, they are polka-dotted!!!)


Above: Grey sitting comfortably post-meeting and shopping in BKK last month.


Above: The same bag with large tote into which i had stuffed a file and clipboard.

Skinny bags rock!!!

Travel Dress

As I alluded to in my last post, we are planning our month-long honeymoon, which, though is mostly rough & tumble travel, also includes some much-desired beach time. So when I saw this quick-dry North Face dress online for $39, I ordered with the beach in mind.

The cut-outs in the straps aren’t really my favorite, but it is a very flattering dress: fitted at the bodice and flared – and forgiving – ┬áthrough the hips & thighs. With the right accessories, this can easily be jazzed up for casual events like say, hanging out by the pool, summertime outdoor movies, going to the park with our nieces, or just for strolling around in the warm weather. Trilby┬á($8 from TJ Maxx) borrowed from the Hubs for camouflage.

Ironically, I noticed that the bulk of my posts have been full of dresses, but in reality, I’m such a jeans person. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of the summer heat and wear dresses more often!