A birthday splurge

My sunglasses recently broke, and I struggled to find something that, in addition to nicely framing my face and protecting my eyes, would sit nicely atop my head.

Finally I managed to shortlist two pairs that meet my criteria:


I battled with myself over the price (both were equal cost), and finally justified the $90 purchase with “It’s my birthday!”

Very pleased with them 🙂

Warehouse Chic?

I was at Costco yesterday and the completely-brand-unaware husband picked up some sunglasses and asked in jest, “Want Tod’s’ sunglasses?”


I was shocked to see that Tod’s sunglasses were now available at Costco, and for $90?!

Then I spotted a familiar leather weave and thought, now…. it can’t be Bottega Veneta, can it?!

With Costco, all things are possible.

Are Tod’s and Bottega Veneta going to become the next Coach?

Replacing Oscar

Remember I broke my Oscar de la Renta sunglasses recently? I managed to snag this Armani Exchange pair at a very decent price of $24.95 a couple of days ago. Thank you, Nordstrom Rack!

Besides the obvious criterion – a shape that suits my face – I always do the “hair test” on my sunglassses: do they push my hair back nicely and sit comfortably when I prop them up on my head. Anyone else does that too?