The Gap: Sizzling summer sale


Last week I came across tank tops at my nearby Gap Factory store for $5.99 so I purchased two of two of them. With my “Gap Eco Tote discount” which gave me an additional 10% off, it worked out to just $5.50 a piece!

Today I went back there to pick up more, so now I have 4 varietals of stripes, heather gray, and black.

Just in time for this horrible SoCal weather….

Burgundy x Blue

I know I am a total shopping failure: I spent 2 weeks in the land of outlet malls and only came home with one, yes, ONE pair of shoes. Tragic, the shopaholic in us would say.

I came home, oiled and polished my precious pair of burgundy GH Bass weejuns, pottered about the house in them to break them in.

Finally, I wore then out to the mall and lunch with the in-laws today.


Matched them with my Uniqlo shorts in navy and new OwnMuse silk shirt.


With the silk top, I wore my usual CarrieK Word necklaces.

Comfy wear for the scorching weather these days.

Country club chic, perhaps?

Overheard at lunch between two ladies at an upmarket bistro today about country club chic. Yes, that’s right. Good eats welcome people who dress right. On cruises and various holiday spots, we will need the right clothes and accessories.

In fact, the lady said to have the right accessories to look rich.

Here we have the very picture of country club chic from One Who Lunches:


The look:
Chic side braid
Eye-catching chunky bead necklace
Carrie K silver earrings

Grown-up Dots Reinterpreted

Apparently, my mom had put out on the bed a blue tee shirt for the 2 year old. The Tiny One pointed to the offending item: “Don’t want. Throw away!”

Poor Granny had to find a pink tee shirt instead.

Today, at dinner, I pointed to her 17 year old Boy Cousin’s phone pouch (pink) which she wanted. His jeans, no, she didn’t want.

What about Girl Cousin’s dark blue dress with white polka dots?


She toddled over and scrutinised the dress all over. Finally, she smiled, yes!


I would too if they have my size!

Dressing for the Smashing Night Race

September in Singapore is typically hot and humid. As in, visible-armpit-patch-worthy humidity.

So, the dress code at the Grand Prix should be S K I M P Y.  Unless you r THE Girlfriend Whom The Cameramen Loves. Then you’ll have to looked remarkably gorgeous and cool at the same time.


For the drivers, somehow they’ve got workman’s overalls and badges as company-issued uniforms. Too bad they didnt go skimpy.

But for the old uncles and other riff raffs, surely THEY could avoid satin tight shirts in screaming blue and gold????



(picture shot off TV coverage of the ‘live’ interview segment at the 2012 Night Race.)

On a note about the race, it was fab! Lotsa drama w safety car AND  a crash. No injuries, just flying auto body parts. So fun!

Adventure Clothes

I play many roles in life, and I also do a wide range of things every week. The last couple of days were spent camping under the giant redwoods of California, hiking, adventuring, and exploring.

Hiking boots – $16 from the Timberland outlet.
Omnishield quick drying pants – $29 from the Columbia outlet

And one of my favorite bags, not because of its looks or functionality, but because it usually means I’m out doing something exciting: North Face “Borealis” daypack – $17 (!!) on clearance at REI.

The reward of it all? Getting dusty, dirty, sweaty, and then remembering that showers do not exist at this rudimentary campsite.