the ribbon of happiness

I’ve always wanted to get a nice sling bag. You know, that one bag which you can carry to parties, midnight movies, brunch, events, wedding dinners, etc. And so I began my journey hunting for that perfect sling bag. I had originally set my eyes on the Chanel mini flap bag, but after countless attempts to beat the crazy queues (yes, we queue for everything in Singapore) to get into the Chanel store; and the multiple futile visits to duty-free stores at various airports, I decided that we’re just not fated to be. That said, I still wasn’t prepared to give up hopes on getting that one sling bag.

So one Friday evening, after dinner with the Atas sister, we decided to pop into my favourite (and trusty) ferragamo outlet at Paragon (after the fruitless attempt to queue at Chanel). To my pleasant surprise, that perfect sling bag, a new collection nonetheless, was sitting in the shop, waiting patiently for me.

And so…. presenting the leetle ribbon of happiness….

I went home a happy girl having paid 1/3 the price that I had originally budgeted for this sling of joy.

I went home a happy girl having paid 1/3 the price that I had originally budgeted for this sling of joy.

Country club chic, perhaps?

Overheard at lunch between two ladies at an upmarket bistro today about country club chic. Yes, that’s right. Good eats welcome people who dress right. On cruises and various holiday spots, we will need the right clothes and accessories.

In fact, the lady said to have the right accessories to look rich.

Here we have the very picture of country club chic from One Who Lunches:


The look:
Chic side braid
Eye-catching chunky bead necklace
Carrie K silver earrings


Experimented with this new eyeliner which I bought from Korea..

This green eyeliner was actually a pleasant mistake…  I had wanted to get a blue eyeliner and had paid for the product without checking. It was only when I got back to Singapore that I realised that the colour was wrong. But all’s too late! Since then, I procrastinated in opening it. I finally decided to experiment on the colour after about 6 months and was super pleased with the effect 🙂

Eye make-up details: Beige eyeshadow base by Christian Dior, Green eyeliner by CLIO (Korean brand), Metallic Brown eye shadow by Shu Uemura, Virtuose  Precious Cells mascara by Lancome.

Earthy Tones

Today, there’s a need to dress to impress a visiting client for an upcoming project.

Decided that subtle and muted tones would be elegant and classy.

Today’s ensemble:
~ Baby peach coloured blouse
~ Pants in light khaki (had bought these pants as part of a suit back in ealy 2000s in Denver from Petite Sophisticates. Really well-tailored clothes)
~ Sensible shoes with the pop of colour
~ Yellow-green peridot ring i had commissioned back in the mid 2000s.



(update: the meeting went ok but at dinner, a piece of errant meat flew outta my plate and landed on my pants. *sob* hope the dry cleaners can do magic! )

Feeling blue

Last night at about 8pm, it occurred to me that I needed some accessories to go with this dress for a photoshoot the next day:

Cue a mad scramble, speed-walking to the mall to check out cheap accessories at Forever21, Charlotte Russe and Claire’s before the shops closed for the night. Thankfully, at New York & Co I found these Faceted Triple Drop Earrings:

(Pictured on my new Bottega-inspired clutch thingy)

Sadly, our photoshoot got rescheduled, so everything’s gotta wait. But on a positive note, I really like these earrings and can see myself wearing them again in future. Yaay!

The last of my royal (cyber)stalking

The royals have left my neighbourhood this morning and is now in the neighbouring country,  but here’s a last look at what the Duchess wore:

Last evening for the dinner thrown by the British High Commissioner – from London-based designer Erdem

From Yahoo

 This morning at Kranji War Cemetary – another Jenny Packham creation (like her first dress in Singapore). It’s apparently bespoke.

Picture from Yahoo

No more beautiful people to cyber stalk. Ottoke?? (how?) Who else is coming this side of town? F1 drivers’ girlfriends? (haha)

The Duchess cyberchase had taught me three things:

1) Diplomacy 101: wear designs either from local designers, or a designer with a local link, or one from/ is currently based in your home country (we can test this theory by watching what she’ll wear in Malaysia);

2) it really doesn’t matter what the man wears – no one (even the British press) really care;

3) three new designer names – Packham, Prabal Gurung and Erdem.

Frivolous stuff can sometimes be useful!

Fashion diplomacy

Credit: Reuters via Yahoo

Brilliant diplomatic move by the Duchess to don the creation of Singapore-born designer Prabal Gurung, which features orchid motifs, for the state dinner 🙂

This morning’s dress is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, who also designed her wedding dress. Though… is it me or is the dress a little low-cut? But, together, strolling in our beautiful garden, the couple looked lovely.

Credit: Reuters via Yahoo (they have been taking brilliant pictures)

[chasing the royals, even just “cyber-chasing” while they are zipping past my office windows, is quite fun]

Amazing woman with style

Pix copyright to

I didn’t intend to post this, but I’m going to beat the (pseudo)american to it.

So I read, Michelle Obama’s dress dazzled and garnered a lot of tweets and buzz (maybe even more than Mitt Romney’s speech). Honestly, I was paying attention to her speech more than her dress, but I relooked at the dress after reading the CNN article. Not sure how to feel about the fact that people care almost as much as (if not more than) what she wore when delivering the speech. How come people don’t do that to men??!

But as always, Michelle’s decked in mid-price labels and looked stunning. The speech, and its moving content, was delivered with much emotion and grace. Great job, Michelle! and America, I’m watching. Better choose the correct man (and woman) into the White House!

 I realised that another mid-priced fashion icon – HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate Middleton – is actually gracing our shores next week! wow!!

She doesn’t say much publicly, so all we can do is look at eye candy I guess. (= I am looking forward to see what wonderful dresses she’d be wearing in our tropical climate.

Hope the haze stays away next week.


Korea has really come up over the past 5 years as a pop culture force and style house to be reckoned with, and that makes me somewhat strangely proud. My mom believes I’ve adopted it as my home state.

I guess it’s the ultimate underdog story for a country – within 30 years it has changed its image from a protest-/ immolation-friendly state in the 70s (Small White Skinny might remember this) to what it is today – technologically advanced, glittery, consumer-friendly with a strong K-wave following internationally.

I like Korean clothes because they are well-designed and well-sewn. Depending on brand, Korea’s fashion can be quite stylish and/or preppy. I particularly like Mindbridge, which is selling at Robinsons. Besides the fact that one of my fav Korean actor/hunk, Gong Yoo is a model for the brand, the clothes are fashionably timeless and really well made. The menswear in particular – great detailing on the buttons and sleeves. But they are not cheap. I so much wanted to splurge on Beefy once, but alas, Beefy is too… beefy. He tried on their largest size, walked out of the dressing room looking all dashing, and said: “I can wear it but I can’t lift my arms.” *sob*

I have been wanting to buy a piece of clothing from Mindbridge for myself but have resisted because of the price. Browsed around yesterday and found that the collection seemed to have shrunk. Wonder if it’s because it’s too expensive or not popular? Who knows whether it could just disappear and exit our little island… like Carrefour. Retail business here is tough, I’m telling ya.

Anyhow, here are some gorgeous pictures from their 2010 Spring/Summer catalog (loved this shoot), as well as their most recent 2012 Fall catalog, featuring Gong Yoo and actress Lee Min Jung (who was just recently out-ed as the ‘serious girlfriend’ of another more famous Korean hunk – Lee Byung Hun of ‘G.I Joe’ fame… hmmm, you mean there is such a thing as an ‘unserious girlfriend/boyfriend’?)

Spring/Summer 2010


Fall 2012

*Drool over clothes and man… or is it man and clothes?*

The Korean has landed

So… I’ve decided to be part of this, after much consideration.hehe. Please welcome me!

Looking through the wardrobe as I did my spring-summer cleaning, I discovered that, even though I don’t make a lot of fashion purchases I have built a solid ‘Me’ style over the years with the pieces I buy. You know, sometimes when friends see a piece of fashion and go “It’s so you!”? There’s definitely a ‘Korea’ in the ‘Me’ style, since my recent purchases are mainly from Korea (thanks to online shopping)

[Side note: for the uninitiated, ‘noona’ is a term used by a younger Korean man to address an older sister. As to why I’m koreanoona, please watch this video, featuring former Miss Korea Kim Sa Rang and a then-17 year old unknown Lee Seung Gi in his debut hit. You are also welcome to check out the 100 photos of His Gorgeous Self on my FB.]

Looking at myself in the mirror last Saturday as I was prepping up for the Lee Seung Gi fan meet, it was quite startling to see my current preference:

  • Black eyeliner – check.
  • Wavy brown-dyed hair – check.
  • Full fringe – check.
  • Body hugging denim dress – check.
  • 4-inch killer heels – check

Yup, looks Korean to me.


Anyways… on to today’s choice of fashion. Ironically, all items today are not from Korea.  And it started with this bag.

Had an important meeting later today and wanted to look my business best. But I’d already packed last night into the fuchsia pink Kate Spade (a gift – u guys know I’m cheapo and I won’t ‘invest’ in branded bags right? ;). So what would go with the pink? This grey tweed-print dress with asymmetrical neckline has pink trimmings on them, so that’ll go with the bag. I paired it with a grey cropped jacket. Interestingly, this jacket is designed by the interior designer for my home. She’d branched out to create her own fashion line DYEL. Nice stuff there 🙂

I usually wear this dress with my baby pink heels (a bit about that in another post…) but it’s not the most comfy pair of shoes, so I opted for my trusted grey fabric heels instead (at a sensible 3.5-inch, haha. may have to run around…)

There, I am ready to face the start of the work week!

[p/s: haven’t managed to create my category yet… soon, soon]