Sporty Shoes

Here’s a different kind of footwear that I DID buy at the outlets, after sadly saying goodbye to some lovely red heels:

Athletic shoes from Columbia for $24, marked down from $80.

Now, if only I’ll actually start using them!


Zumba Ninja

I took my first Zumba class today, egged on by a friend keen to try it out.

The Husband said I looked like a “Zumba ninja” in my all-black ensemble. I guess he’s right that it’s a tad severe for something so fun and high energy…

Top: Champion (Target) – $16
Bottoms: Old Navy – $12
Running shoes: $30-ish by Adidas

Zumba Class – $11

Me pracing around like a fool…. priceless.

Fugly Shoe Contest

As our travel plans progress, The Husband recommended that I get a pair of Keens, so that I may preserve my ten toes and not suffer any awful injury during semi-aquatic adventuring endeavors (such as caving/spelunking/exploring and the like) on the world’s second largest archipelago.

I had ordered the black pair online, awaiting delivery, when I chanced upon a relatively sleeker design (blue) on clearance today. Notice the difference in chunkiness of the toe caps:

While these are definitely rank as some of the most unglamorous, fugly shoes I’ve ever seen, much less owned, I can’t deny their comfort and functionality. Better yet when on clearance (50% off their regular price¬†and¬†$10 cheaper than the black pair I had ordered online).

God bless America for liberal return policies!