Earthy Tones

Today, there’s a need to dress to impress a visiting client for an upcoming project.

Decided that subtle and muted tones would be elegant and classy.

Today’s ensemble:
~ Baby peach coloured blouse
~ Pants in light khaki (had bought these pants as part of a suit back in ealy 2000s in Denver from Petite Sophisticates. Really well-tailored clothes)
~ Sensible shoes with the pop of colour
~ Yellow-green peridot ring i had commissioned back in the mid 2000s.



(update: the meeting went ok but at dinner, a piece of errant meat flew outta my plate and landed on my pants. *sob* hope the dry cleaners can do magic! )

Grown-up Dots Reinterpreted

Apparently, my mom had put out on the bed a blue tee shirt for the 2 year old. The Tiny One pointed to the offending item: “Don’t want. Throw away!”

Poor Granny had to find a pink tee shirt instead.

Today, at dinner, I pointed to her 17 year old Boy Cousin’s phone pouch (pink) which she wanted. His jeans, no, she didn’t want.

What about Girl Cousin’s dark blue dress with white polka dots?


She toddled over and scrutinised the dress all over. Finally, she smiled, yes!


I would too if they have my size!

Flying without wings

but with the right shot of colour…

dressing for flights take a bit of time and effort.

yes, people, the pink umbrella, the lime green comfy cotton racerback and the skinny jeans were no accident.

we started with RESEARCH…

we IMAGINED what the sky would look like…

we created the COLOURS for that shoot…

and then, we JUMPED!

(credit goes to longtime friend Sujoy Sen and his partner in crime, Richard Jacobson, for their work behind the lens, and for Richard’s wife, Yvonne, for nudging me to do the shoot.)

Azalea Maxi Dress

In this episode of modeling-clothes-in-my-front-yard, I try on a smocked tube maxi dress by Old Navy ($32). I ordered it online as part of my quest for outfits for our annual photoshoot, and it arrived today.

Since I had decided on using the cheapo Forever21 blue dress, I was prepared to return this. But damn, this is flattering and really comfortable, so… I guess it gets to stay?

The color is Azalea. Cinched with a very old Forever21 belt (about $7?).

Here, paired with the new patterned scarf I recently purchased to cover my hair at a Sikh wedding.

Thank goodness maxi dresses/skirts are in vogue this season! My pudge thanks the fashion gods.

P/S: I don’t usually shop very much, in case my frequent posts with new buys create that impression. It’s just that we’re freshly-headed into a new season, and also because I’m looking for outfits for our anniversary shoot. I hope to put together some reworked mix-and-match ideas from my existing wardrobe in the weeks ahead!


Today’s a ‘personal grooming’ day, so I had to make considerations for a comfortable & practical outfit that would allow access to the necessary body parts.

Managed to throw this together – albeit with a belt (free, came with a top I purchased) that’s not properly aligned – for full functionality. Sleeveless top (Old Navy clearance, $5) and a maxi skirt ($18-ish at TJ Maxx last year) that happens to be pouffed up thanks to a passing gust. Gotta love a breezy, comfy outfit on a hot summer’s day!