Run baby run!

Gosh! It’s been nearly 2 years of non-updates! We’ve been such busy people, haven’t we?

Well… as a quick catch-up, I’ve been very (extremely) into running these days. Heck! I even completed a full marathon, 3 half-marathons and countless 10km fun races in the span of 2 years. Surely that’s a pretty valid excuse for not being able to contribute to this blog huh?

Anyway, to revive this little pet project of ours, I thought what a better way than to start with a review of running shoes I own. Do note that I’m a diehard Nike girl so it’s nothing but Nike shoes for me.

Here goes:

Nike Flyknit Free 4.0

This is my favourite design and I own 4 pairs! All in different beautiful colours of course! They’re lightweight, durable, fits snugly on the feet and super easy to run with. The design is perfect for people with broad feet and like the feeling of almost barefoot running. I wear them for races, for leisure runs, for training runs, for walking around while on holidays.

Some may say that the lack of support on the arch would be an issue for flat-footers. But hey, I’m flat-footed and I ran all my marathon races in my Flyknit Free. So shut up, take my money and run!

Nike Flyknit Lunar Tempo 1

This is supposed to be good for flat-footers who want to do long runs. I must say that it does give great support and you can literally feel the bounciness of the sole while on the roads. I usually alternate them with the Free 4.0.

One thing to note though…the design is slightly smaller than most of the other Nike models so do get half a size bigger if you’re considering it.

2015-03-14 01.12.21

Top row: Flyknit Lunar Tempo 1, Flyknit Free 4.0. Bottom row: Flyknit Free 4.0

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 + Lunar 3

I would say these are good for new Nike converts. They’re pretty, cushy and really roomy too. Perfect for daily short runs. Its only downside… the shoes tend to “heat up” during longer runs so your feet gets really warm and that makes it uncomfortable to continue running.

These days, I use the Lunar 2 for track interval sessions and the Lunar 3 is my exclusive gai gai (going out) accessory when I’m in for the sneaker look.

Nike Flyknit Lunarglide 5

This is my most disappointing pair of Nike Flyknits and I blame it on the salesperson. He insisted that I get a size bigger than my usual and me being such a trust person, decided to go with his recommendation. Bad move!! It ended up being too big for me despite wearing thicker socks; and what I received in return were blisters and immense discomfort.

These shoes have since been inherited by the niece who’s happily wearing them for her runs and badminton sessions.



Sporty Shoes

Here’s a different kind of footwear that I DID buy at the outlets, after sadly saying goodbye to some lovely red heels:

Athletic shoes from Columbia for $24, marked down from $80.

Now, if only I’ll actually start using them!

Brown Wedgetarian

So the gray Wedgetarians did not look so hot on me. I managed to snag a pair in brown from Amazon (and at $30 less!), and they turned out much better.


They meet my functional checklist but at this point, I’m still not 100% in love with them. I’ll have to test them out at home with a couple of different outfits and make a decision…


Walking Wedgetarian: Gray

This year is shaping up to be rather Europe-centric for me, involving lots of walking on cobblestone streets and taking trains and buses. I started looking for something comfortable, practical, and more stylish than sneakers.

I chanced upon the Wedgetarian Lexi by Merrell, one of my favorite comfort shoe brands. I ordered a pair in grey via Zappos VIP:


They met my expectations and are super comfy, the grippy sole provides excellent tread, which bodes well for rainy / wintry streets. I’m confident that they won’t need breaking in! And though the wedge looks high, I can hardly feel that my feet are elevated.

But…. the downside is that this “rhinoceros” grey really stands out, and looks too stark against my usual palette of dark clothing in general. Oh, and these wouldn’t make good ‘airport’ shoes, since it takes time to lace & unlace them.

I’ve just ordered the ‘Dark Earth’ brown version, and most likely will return these. Stay tuned for updates!

Emptyhanded Friday Night

What do you do when deadlines abound, work is piling up, your head feels like it’s going to implode, AND you’ve signed up to attend a symposium?

Well, I chose to say ‘eff it all’, and headed out for some retail therapy instead: I’m on the hunt for a pair of leather boots, and also a pair of flat dressy sandals for a beach wedding in the Dominican Republic.

I popped into Nordstrom Rack, and though I did try a few contenders, I ultimately left emptyhanded:

Most of the boots were flat riding boots, and I’m looking for leather dress boots with a heel. I quickly picked out this pair by Diesel, and, though comfortable and easy to walk in, the leather had a strange tinge to it. It seemed to be a mix of grey/purple/blue/brown, and I also felt that the boots were more ‘edgy’ rather than dressy. For $169, I passed on them.

Next I found this lovely pair of sandals which would have fit the bill for the Dominican Republic wedding. However, the ankle straps were not adjustable (zippered back) so the back of my foot flapped around too much in it. I would have bought them otherwise ($24.95 I think?).

This pair of cream-colored peeptoes with an adorable bow by Enzo Angiolini was a mere $22! However, bearing in mind that I had just acquired a $15 Vince Camuto pair, and the fact that these felt very stiff & uncomfortable, I promptly put them back.

Let the shoe hunt continue!

DOTD: Vince Camuto peep toes

Have you ever gone to a TJ Maxx to look for ONE THING and actually succeeded in leaving with said ONE THING?

Well, I never have.

Today I ventured into that treacherous place to pick up a gift for a baby, and… of course, the shoe section exerts a magical magnetic attraction that I could not resist.

A pair of Vince Camuto ‘Kendall’ peep toe patent pumps caught my eye so I thought to slip them on, just for fun.
Oh. They’re half a size too small, but hey, they look so chic.

As I peered at the shoe mirror, two women, also victims of the magnetic shoe section, ooh-ed and aaah-ed over my new find.

“They look SO GOOD on you!”
“Such pretty shoes! Did you see another pair around here?”

At this point, I decided to look at the price. All 3 of us gasped:


Well, as 3 random strangers who just started talking in the TJ Maxx shoe aisle, we unanimously agreed that I HAD TO buy these shoes.

But they’re a little tight, I countered.

Immediately, I was advised to wear socks with the shoes to stretch them out. Use a hairdryer to soften them WHILE wearing socks. “Oooh! I saw that on Pinterest,” I add. “OMG I LOVE PINTEREST!” squealed my newfound friends in unison.

Of course I bought them. It wouldn’t be right to let my friends down, now would it?

At the cash register, the sale clerk who rang me up made a remark about how much she loves this shoe, and then went “WOW you got a DEAL on this one!” with the $15 beep.

I found them online:

As I left TJ Maxx beaming and proud, I realized… I don’t have much to wear my new nude peep toe pumps with! Oh no! So… when I walked by a $22 tan-colored pencil skirt at Target (erm, I had to get a card to go with the gift?), I snapped it up too.


The best part? I have a 3-day conference to attend next week, so I can debut these shoes, the skirt, AND my new Calvin Klein pumps and J Crew skirt! WOO HOO!

Hello, Dolly

So after 8 years, my trusty Nine West black pointy pumps met their demise in a random trashcan in Manhattan.

As I rode in the towncar to JFK, I pulled up the Amazon app and ordered a replacement pair of Calvin Klein “Dolly” pumps in black leather. I had once tried these on at Nordstrom Rack and was incredibly impressed at how comfortable this shoe was, with its very padded & squishy foot bed, and a gel-type exterior sole that cushioned every step (pictured here).

Unfortunately, when the shoes arrived yesterday, they were VERY tight in the toe area, although the length of the shoe was just right for me.

So I tapped my VIP privileges, and ordered the same design, size, and color, but in WIDE width. It arrived today with free 1 day shipping – in under 24 hours – and they fit perfectly!


Left: The wide cut fit my feet and toes perfectly.
Right: Only downside is that the leather puckers slightly on the external side of the right shoe. I might have received a mildly defective shoe, but I’ll live with it.

Not bad for a $69.95 shoe ($10 more than Amazon). They’re a little less pointy than I would like, but I do envision having these for as long as I had my Nine West pair!

[See my Calvin Klein wedge peep-toes here]

Skinny & Pointy in NYC

Hello from New York City, this time, thankfully, sans hurricane.

It’s been an awesome trip with great weather, so skinny jeans and pointy pumps have been my standard “evening in NYC” outfit. (My daytime outfits are really dull: black capris + Cole Haan Nike Air wedge pumps + sleeveless tops.)

Here’s what I wore today for our last night in the city, as we headed uptown for dinner.

Unfortunately I blinked in BOTH pictures, thus the odd crops:

photo 1

  • Black turtleneck: H&M, $24.95. Worn on my last trip to NYC as well!
  • Blue scarf: Nordstrom rack, $11
  • Levi’s Curves ‘leggings’: $39. Last shown paired with a red trenchcoat in the snow.
  • Black pointy pumps: Nine West. These shoes are at least 8 years old, if not older!
    I plan to toss them in the trash tomorrow instead of flying them back to LA with me, as they are really cracking, peeling, and falling apart 😦 So since, since they’re FINALLY well broken-in and actually comfortable!
  • Calvin Klein purse (as usual)
  • Kenneth Cole watch (as usual)

photo 2

I realized one thing: my closet seems generally more appropriate for New York than Los Angeles, that’s for sure!

Come heels or high water…

A few days ago I donned these Enzo Angiolini heels for my wedding anniversary. But there was one problem: we would be walking two blocks to the restaurant for dinner.

I had brought along a pair of Havaianas flip flops, intending to walk in them, change into the heels for dinner, and then reverse the process for the journey back to the hotel.

But… I figured it out be rather unglamorous changing footwear outside of a fancy French restaurant, so I stashed the flip flops in my purse, and… surprisingly did not need them! I made the walk to and fro in those heels without too much discomfort!

Yay for platform heels!

Burgundy x Blue

I know I am a total shopping failure: I spent 2 weeks in the land of outlet malls and only came home with one, yes, ONE pair of shoes. Tragic, the shopaholic in us would say.

I came home, oiled and polished my precious pair of burgundy GH Bass weejuns, pottered about the house in them to break them in.

Finally, I wore then out to the mall and lunch with the in-laws today.


Matched them with my Uniqlo shorts in navy and new OwnMuse silk shirt.


With the silk top, I wore my usual CarrieK Word necklaces.

Comfy wear for the scorching weather these days.

Learning from the boys

My trusty pair of black ballet flats were getting very scruffed up after two years of wear. The front and back of the shoes were showing some greys as a result of me pounding the pavement with them ever so often.


Instead of dumping them (they are incredibly comfy), I decided to treat them to a Kiwi black polish the boys use for their shoes.

After patching all the greys and giving the shoes a good buff, they look good as new!