Silky Smooth Sale

I recently started thinking about silk shirts after I discovered Everlane, a clothing manufacturer that claims to sell high quality products direct to the consumer, with no middleman.

I’ve never tried on a silk shirt, much less owned one, so today when I passed a JCrew store and spotted silk shirts on their clearance rack, I was quick to try one on, “just to see how it feels” before I consider ordering online from Everlane.

Well, it feels pretty damn nice!!!

Super light & airy yet opaque enough to not need a camisole under. Seems like it will be perfect for SoCal summers!

I was hesitant to purchase because the white versions were marked at $79.99. But… when looking for the care label on this shirt, I realized that the navy blue version is $59.99!

Usual price $118!

And here’s the clincher: As I made my way to the cash register, I saw a very familiar face. Turns out, one of my clients is the manager of this JCrew store – say whaaaaaaat?!

Guess who scored a further employee discount?


$41.99 for an originally-$118 silk shirt: That’s what I call a DEAL!

(I also learned about JCrew’s “Very Personal Stylist” program, and am certainly considering a style consultation sometime!)

A (Price) Sensitive Man


The Husband has been pretty conscious about what he wears nowadays, and in a bit to get out of the “t-shirt-and-cargo-shorts” rut, yesterday he tried on some fitted khaki shorts and a casual button-up shirt at the Gap Factory store.

I REALLY like this look on him, and he did too, but he decided that $35 for a shirt – even one that fits him well – was too much money to spend. That said, he did buy the $17 shorts since they were on clearance.

I guess $35 does buy 7 Old Navy tees when they’re on sale….

How short is too short?

That’s the big mystery today.

My weekend gear consists of either tops + capris or my comfy t-shirt dresses. Now the Stay Real purchases are always getting unwanted attention because of their length (or lack of).


Following example: this afternoon’s conversation:-
Mom: (casts an eye at my dress)You wearing that out?
Me: ya
Mom: a bit short leh…
Me: no
Mom: Put on some pants…?
Me: NO.

This isn’t the first time. I had teenage boys in my church asking me if I lost my pants and saying that its disturbing ( and they really look disturbed. Bless them. Such good kids).

I have taken to wearing a pair of slacks with the dress when I go to church in these but it’s just so warm…!

So, I’ll like to hear from you – is it too short for a saturday outing? For church? For a 30 something person (ie. Maybe this length isn’t age appropriate for me)?