Gap Outlet Deals

I popped into a Gap Outlet store today and chanced upon my favorite “Gap Super Soft” basic long sleeved tees. They were marked $6.99 each, but after a further 30% off AND 10% off because we brought our Gap Eco-tote, each tee was just $4.40 each!

I also purchased these really comfy sweaters with matching enameled buttons. There were a dozen colors and I was almost tempted to buy 5 different colors!

I ended up with Cobalt Blue and White. $13 each after discount, marked down from $39.99.


Seasonal Dilemma: Sales vs Trends

I snapped up a pair of slim leggings at Uniqlo two nights ago. It was in the magical s$20something range.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, while surfing for this Spring’s new trends, I realised why the item was on offer.

Spring will be all about loose, comfy or slouchy pants.


Main pic are the new pants that have yet to hit Singapore (already in the US) and the rest are views of the pair that I had just bought. Had bought an earthy colour.

Sigh. Perhaps I should have waited out a bit more instead of jumping into the sale?

Pictures all taken from Uniqlo US and Singapore sites.

Man Shopping

I recently purchased a discounted red jacket for an upcoming photoshoot, and this time round, The Husband suddenly wanted to fret about his outfit too!

We decided that he needed a winter jacket + some layers. While out shopping today, I spotted a Givenchy leather jacket for $800, marked down from $3000!

The Husband of course insisted on trying out “the fancy French jacket” just for kicks, nevermind that it was two sizes too small for him:

It’s too trendy for his laidback style, but the leather was certainly very supple, and the jacket evidently well-made. But… wow, $3000 full price?!

We purchased the 100% cashmere sweater ($43, pictured) that was soft & plush, not scratchy; and a textured/metallic dark grey Ben Sherman tie for $20 (pictured). The Ben Sherman jacket above looks really good, but we decided he didn’t need a $229 jacket that he wouldn’t wear very often.

Incidentally, he had earlier tried on a Hugo Boss suit that fit him really well. It was on clearance for $350 and I offered to buy it for him, but he declined, since he had just purchased an iPad Mini last week for the same price. Oh well. Fiscal discipline is key!

Yesterday we also picked up a Kenneth Cole Reaction wool peacoat for him at $50. It was quite the adventure, as the coat had no tags at all on it, and we had to bug the manager to figure out a price, rather than just say they can’t sell it to us. She initially said 10% off $99.90 – the price of a similar Calvin Klein coat – but The Husband gave her his offer of 50% off. “Ok, sure,” she said, preferring to be rid of this random article of clothing, and thus the deal was sealed.

Here’s his complete outfit:
Peacoat: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $50
Shirt: Existing. From our wedding.
Tie: Ben Sherman, $20
Sweater: ‘John Nordstrom’, $43
Jeans: Existing. Levi’s.
Belt: Existing.
Total: $113

I have to say, he looks pretty darn good!

Loves CNY S A L E!

On day 2 and 3 of Chinese New Year (CNY, or Lunar New Year), I had a bit of time between breakfasts and dinner with in-laws to walk around the malls.

At Uniqlo, there were jeans going for S$19.90. Yes, even cheaper than the S$20 pair at a Giordano closing-down outlet (at Simei’s Eastpoint as that mall will close for an overhaul)!

Best part, I could try on these 19.90 jeans at Uniqlo and get them altered to my desired length within an hour! (just a S$5 alteration fee)



At Joop, a chain of ladies wear boutique, I just popped in to use up my vouchers. I had a S$8 (for any regular priced item) and a S$10 (for regular priced dress). Picked up 2 skirts – one of which was at 50% off!


Best part, at the counter after I presented my $8 voucher, the cashier said “Don’t u have our $10 voucher? For use only at this outlet?”

I said, no and thought that was that.

No, she RETURNED me my voucher and pulled out from under the counter a $10 voucher to use on my skirt. Wow.

I have never had that happen to me before. It was a real treat!!!

Deal of the Day: Gap Peacoat

In the last month, The Gap just opened a new outlet store walking distance from my home. Today I finally popped in to look around, especially since I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable peacoat.

Lo and behold, I found this!


$13.99 for a black peacoat, marked down from $89.99, woooo hoooo!

It’s not the most wonderful fit, but I can completely see this coat replacing my Kenneth Cole down jacket that leaves feathers all over.

I LOVE that it has a hood too!

New loves: Velvet & Vine Scrub & Hadalabo Moisture Milk

I received 2 new products today, and love them both.

First up, Velvet & Vine‘s Bergamot & Jasmine body scrub. It smells SO absolutely AMAZING! I used it on my legs, and now my hands smell SO GOOD too, I can’t stop sniffing them as I type!

I was at Nordstrom Rack today and spotted this in the clearance bin. I took a whiff and was instantly enamored. At $4 for a nice fat tube, I ain’t complaining! My legs certainly feel smoother and more moisturized too.

Also, I realized that…. after all these years, I don’t actually have a “day” moisturizer, or rather, just something nice & light to use under my Hadalabo toner and newly-acquired SK-II serums.

Enter Hadalabo Moisture Milk. I first heard of this (and Hadalabo) when the BFF was my house guest, and was surprised that someone with a very expensive arsenal of skincare products actually swears by this “humble” lotion. I tried it and was sold on the light texture that’s readily absorbed, without any greasy residue. Instead, it dries to a soft, dewy, semi-matte finish. Perfect! Just what I need!


I feel confident that this would be perfect in my new 2013 skincare regime (daytime):
– Hadalabo Toner, patted into skin till tacky & dry
– Hadalabo Moisture Milk
Neutrogena sunblock
Clinique BB Cream
– Light pat of Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder (optional)

At night:
– Hadalabo Toner
– SK-II Cellumination Essence or Whitening Essence (which I’ve suspended using due to IPL facials)
– Hadalabo Moisture Milk

It sounds like a LOT, but it really isn’t. Thankfully every “layer” is light, and dries quickly.

Yaay for day of good skincare finds!

4 for 2

Popped into a boutique in the suburbs on Sunday, I ended up with a dress (under S$60) and a simple taupe-coloured top (under S$40).

In return, I received:
. a pack of red packets
. Two vouchers worth S$18 to be spent by end Feb
. One voucher for another outlet that’s closing to be used by mid Feb
. One voucher for party or wedding dresses at a new outlet



I guess my retail therapy has to continue..? I mean, I’d be losing $$ if i stop now.

Fall-ing for Target

I have no pretension about clothing: price is usually important to me than brand, so Target is a common go-to for wearable basics. On a recent trip, I picked up the following items as we transition into Fall:

Top of the list: Tuxedo jacket by Kirna Zabête for Target – $34

Admittedly, I’ve never heard of this brand despite its claims to be some high fashion store in Manhattan. Probably that explains why I found this on the clearance rack, rather than the recent frenzy that was Missoni for Target.

I’ve been wanting a tuxedo jacket for a while now, and this one is PERFECT! Pairs with jeans + killer heels for a casual yet dressy combination; or over a dress for some warmth even when dolled up.

Shown here paired with Mossimo silk top ($10, Target clearance last year); Levi’s jeans ($16, Costco)

Now, this grey cardigan was THE reason why I was at Target in the first place! It’s a shawl collar open cardi (Mossimo, $16), very soft and light, perfect for Los Angeles Fall. Paired with a dark blue striped camisole ($4). I foresee wearing this cardigan a LOT.

This one’s NOT a Target purchase, but I thought it might pair well with the outfit: grey chunky infinity scarf from Etsy seller AnytimeScarf. I bought this in anticipation for Fall/Winter and figured it would go well with my existing trenchcoats (not shown here).

A wardrobe staple: blue v-neck longsleeved cotton top for $8. These are perfect for layering as we transition into Fall, then Fall-Winter. I like how the blue goes with the light grey scarf!

And finally… The Husband convinced me that I look good in CORAL, so I actually bought it!! Having serious doubts now and considering a return. Check out my look of apprehension….

What do you say? Yea, or nay? Should I keep this and attempt to get enough wear out of it, or just give up and stick with grey?

Update: A few days later, I returned the coral cardigan, convinced that I wouldn’t get enough wear out of it. Wop wop wop….


Local designer hansel is having a sale…SALE!!! Up to 85%¡¡¡¡ At 11am, I snagged these 2 dresses for under $100.


Considering an average piece normally retails at over $200, they are good purchases.

Sale is at Isetan Scotts and ends next Tuesday, 9 Oct, 6pm. 🙂

Goodies Galore!

Earlier this week, I popped by my neighborhood Clinique counter to get more “Even Better” foundation. The salesperson at the counter let me in on an upcoming special, and suggested that I put in a “pre-order” for my desired purchase. Apparently, a new promo kicks in the next day, and I can receive a goodie bag if I waited 24 hours.

Not one to pass up a deal, plus the fact that I didn’t NEED the foundation immediately, and I live in the neighborhood so coming back wasn’t an issue, I readily agreed.

The next day, I went back for my purchase + goodie bag, and I was SHOCKED at the amount of goodies that came with it!:

That’s what I came to buy

And here’s what I received:

From left to right:
– 1 x large make-up pouch
– 1 x small make-up ouch
– 1 x eye make-up palette
– 1 x mascara
– 1 x make-up remover
– 1 Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion
– 1 lipstick

That’s a LOT of freebies for a $24 purchase! Yaay!

Replacing Oscar

Remember I broke my Oscar de la Renta sunglasses recently? I managed to snag this Armani Exchange pair at a very decent price of $24.95 a couple of days ago. Thank you, Nordstrom Rack!

Besides the obvious criterion – a shape that suits my face – I always do the “hair test” on my sunglassses: do they push my hair back nicely and sit comfortably when I prop them up on my head. Anyone else does that too?