Red and Wavy

Ooh short hair that is red and wavy. I did this on a Friday afternoon, had to wait for at least 24 hours before I could shampoo at home. Which meant that the whole of Saturday, I went through the icky I-can’t-wash-my-hair stage despite doing 2 yoga classes and a dinner. Ugh!

Then on Sunday morning, I happily did my wash and took a picture of the new hairstyle when it was still rather damp with lots of leave-in condition and serum. As always with new haircuts, I put on a nice outfit (as opposed to the usual tee-shirt and shorts weekend wear) with a red silk Tocca blouse.

On Tuesday, I tried air-drying the hair (yes, it went all poofy on me when dried naturally!) and styled it before meetings with lots (LOTS) of leave-in conditioner and leave-in treatment water AND soft wax.  Took a bit more work than my wash-and-dry style but it was totally manageable. Phew!




Verdict? Hmm, I think I look a little more grown up with the waves. 🙂

The new lip colour, Pink Honey (a brown-rose coloured lipstick) from Clinique goes fabulously with this hairdo!







Red & White

I wrote about purchasing a red woolen coat for a photoshoot, and I’m glad to report that the red really pops against the white of snow and green trees. The Husband’s outfit worked out well too!


Red coat: $39,
Boots: $60, Timberland
Jeans: $39, Levi’s Curves “Leggings”

Love those Levi’s Curves: they make my butt look perky and my thighs slender 😀

Window-shopping: Nordstrom Rack

I (still) have been thinking about that pair of red Diane Von Furstenberg boots, so today when we drove by Nordstrom Rack, The Husband insisted that we stop to check, “just in case”.

Needless to say, it was gone. But just for fun, I tried on a few other pairs of shoes in the Clearance section:

Can someone say “stripper shoes”?!

These were so ridiculous that I just had to try them on.

I actually like the braided t-strap on these Steve Madden espadrilles, and hey, they match my toes (“Big Apple Red” by OPI). They were a tad too big, and well, I didn’t think they were worth $49.

These are Michael Kors platform booties in cognac for $60! They were actually very comfy and I’m a big fan of stacked heels. That said, I somehow kept thinking of the 1970s as I wore them, and even broke out singing some Bee Gees + dance moves (3:33 onwards if you love yourself some Travolta magic).

These two-toned pumps by Via Spiga were pretty cool, but without a corporate job, I don’t really have much opportunity to wear them.

I also tried on a pair of Calvin Klein pumps and were completely blown away by how comfortable the padded insole and outer rubber outsole was. If I had needed a pair of black pumps, I would have totally bought them! (In retrospect, I guess my 8 year old Nine West pair has seen better days, and I would have thrown them out if not for the fact that I only wear them on plane rides!)

So in the end, I left empty-handed, while The Husband picked up a basic Kenneth Cole leather belt for $12.99. Good news for the wallet!

The ‘Prosperous’ look for the Lunar New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year today and as with previous years, my family will make a conscious effort to visit our relatives all decked out in new outfits. While my parents are not that superstitious, they do ask that we (sisters and me) dress up in bright colours to usher in the new year. And I must agree, it does make one feel happier when you are dressed in cheery colours!

So here’s my choice of outfit for today – a bright red dress with gold studs from Mango, complete with camel colour shoes from Charles & Keith and beige handbag from some blog shop. Very prosperous looking, and very well-liked by the elders!!

Best of all, this dress is loose enough to hide the tummy and I could still stuff my face with all the yummy goodies!

Best of all, this dress is loose enough to hide the tummy and I could still stuff my face with all the yummy goodies!

Reflection on Chinese New Year


Happy chinese new year, everyone!

K-noona in one of her brighter outfits on the first day of the lunar new year. Paired with a black belt and my Jim Thompson cheery flower bag.

Flair skirts are the best for gorging on festive goodies while out visiting relatives.

Have a swell time, all!

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New From Something Old: Animal Watch

All that talk about a nice masculine watch, made me drool. But my first thoughts were to try to find something in the deep recesses of my study table / cupboard / husband’s cupboard / living room to see if there are any old watches (read: big face men’s watch) that I can make it my own.

Then I saw a deal online for iPod Nano watch straps. There’s one that looks like it could fit my tiny wrist!

And here we have it:  The Animal Watch.

eP1050206 eP1050205 eP1050196

The deal came with a protective screen. I didn’t do a good job putting it on, as shown by the bubbles on the screen. Still, the Little Red Pod is being protected!


From Beijing To Singapore With Love

10 years ago, I had the chance to head to Beijing for a project. Just a 3-day trip that was packed to the brim. I saw nothing much of the city saved for a 2 hour window where I brought my guests on the shortest breeze through Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Really, 2 hours for those years of history.

On the last day, with one more meeting to go, I snuck out of the seminar room, made a beeline for the adjoining department store (what shopaholic will leave a foreign city with no shopping?!). I saw rows of fabrics. Lovely brocades and lotsa florals.

I picked up 3 pieces, got them measured and cut. And stood at the cashier. (I think someone cut in line when I was the lone shopper… Ok, that’s another story…)

My affable cheongsam maker in Singapore sized up my fabric buys. Skillfully, she turned 2 of them into really well-fitting cheongsams that showed off my back view.

In her words, “Your hips big then nice!”. Translated: you have to have hips to wear the cheongsam.

Am planning to wear this 10-year old cheongsam (erm, she’s let out a seam or 2 so that I can still fit in) to a fashion do this week.


Am now stressing out about bags, shoes and jewellery! What shall I wear?!

Monogamous Lips

While rummaging for some make-up today, it occurred to me that I only own ONE lipstick:

L’Oreal Colour Riche in shade 315: “True Red”

I bought this in 2010, and to date, I have probably used it less than 10 times, always for a special occasion, photoshoot or date night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful lipstick that’s smooth, comfortable, not drying, and at a great price, but I’m just no good at application!

And so it becomes a vicious cycle: I’m bad at applying lipstick, so I avoid doing so. I avoid doing so, therefore I don’t get better at it.

Every day though, I use and ADORE Burt’s Bees new tinted lip balm in Rose:

Like its packaging says, it adds a hint of color (visible), goes on smoothly, and there’s no need to worry about drawing “clown lips” on myself or smudging on my teeth.

More importantly though, it really moisturizes and feels SO GOOD. It also doesn’t hurt that Burt’s Bees is a very socially-conscious company. A single tube also lasts a long time even with multiple applications on a daily basis, so this is a very economical option.

So tell me, are you a lipstick person?

Azalea Maxi Dress

In this episode of modeling-clothes-in-my-front-yard, I try on a smocked tube maxi dress by Old Navy ($32). I ordered it online as part of my quest for outfits for our annual photoshoot, and it arrived today.

Since I had decided on using the cheapo Forever21 blue dress, I was prepared to return this. But damn, this is flattering and really comfortable, so… I guess it gets to stay?

The color is Azalea. Cinched with a very old Forever21 belt (about $7?).

Here, paired with the new patterned scarf I recently purchased to cover my hair at a Sikh wedding.

Thank goodness maxi dresses/skirts are in vogue this season! My pudge thanks the fashion gods.

P/S: I don’t usually shop very much, in case my frequent posts with new buys create that impression. It’s just that we’re freshly-headed into a new season, and also because I’m looking for outfits for our anniversary shoot. I hope to put together some reworked mix-and-match ideas from my existing wardrobe in the weeks ahead!