Killer Deal: Ralph Lauren Booties



Miss Dressy is in town to visit, and while at the Outlets, I chanced upon these booties at Ralph Lauren for…. $24.98. But get this: I received an additional 25% off (clearance item) plus 15% off (special coupon I printed online).

I paid a grand total of $15.92!

I’m REALLY happy, because I returned these two other pairs of booties I have been considering.

Gotta LOVE this Ralph Lauren store, especially since I scored a new pair of knee-high leather boots a few months ago too!



Boots found!

So after all my uneventful boot-shopping stories (here, here, here, here, and here), I FINALLY found a pair in late November! Sorry, all the holidays, travel, and craziness meant blogging fell by the wayside…

I got this pair of sleek dark brown boots by Ralph Lauren for $80 at the outlets, woooooot!

They are really quite perfect, being dressy, sleek, plain, and the heels aren’t too high nor narrow. Very pleased.


I… shall post a better photo soon, and maybe even with me in it, once it stops being 84 degrees in Los Angeles!

These boots are made for walking

Sitting at JFK 6 hours early for my flight (yes, really), I noticed that the past 8 days in Manhattan have really taken a toll on my boots.

I acquired these Ralph Lauren cuffed boots last year for about $129 I believe. Despite the high stacked heel, they are amazingly comfortable.

Hopefully some polish and TLC will bring back some semblance of lustre to these hardworking shoes. The streets of New York + subway closures due to Hurricane Sandy certainly mean these boots were pounding the pavement a LOT!