From Day To Night

With the Lunar New Year approaching, I am expecting relatives dropping our tiny island for visits. As always, before anyone turns up on our shores, there will be the invariable where-should-we-bring-them-for-dinner questions.

Being the one tasked with providing hospitality services (read: transport and restaurant bookings), i had to pack a change of clothes and toiletries for pre-dinner refresh at inlaws’ place.

Today, i wore the ubiquitous bermudas w a short ochre-coloured tee.


Then changed from berms to long skirt for dinner.


Added my Happy Shoes in dots n ribbons to complete the look.


Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Tee: British India

Grown-up Dots Reinterpreted

Apparently, my mom had put out on the bed a blue tee shirt for the 2 year old. The Tiny One pointed to the offending item: “Don’t want. Throw away!”

Poor Granny had to find a pink tee shirt instead.

Today, at dinner, I pointed to her 17 year old Boy Cousin’s phone pouch (pink) which she wanted. His jeans, no, she didn’t want.

What about Girl Cousin’s dark blue dress with white polka dots?


She toddled over and scrutinised the dress all over. Finally, she smiled, yes!


I would too if they have my size!

Weekend tops

Here’s a pictorial showcase of the tops that 3 Closettes wore for a dinner date (with each other, not new men) last Saturday.

Slouchy rainbow top, worn with grey camisole and skinny navy blue jeans

Off-shoulder black top worn with blue jeans

Whimsical top with polka dots and white jeans (check out the white columns in the background!)



It’s officially summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s also peak wedding season for us. I’m on the lookout for new work dresses, but today’s trip didn’t yield any finds.

Here are a couple of mediocre options from the clearance rack that I tried on:

I would love work dresses with pockets. This one does, but the bunching at the front of the dress would raise too many “Are you pregnant?” queries.

Decided to try this because I like how the material felt and the cut was pretty, though it confirmed my initial reservations that the patterns were too… Mumsy.

I ended up buying this Ralph Lauren dress – $49, but not for work though. I was actually searching for it last year when planning a photoshoot for ourselves but it was sold out at the Macy’s stores I went to. Glad to find it at half the price this time. Thank you, TJ Maxx!

Here’s a clearer picture of what the dress looks like:


Then I headed over to Target, the always-reliable stand-by for cheap & chic. I actually scored a work dress for $7 last year in Washington DC after I flew all the way there to shoot a wedding and realized my dress was still hanging behind the door at home in Los Angeles.

Today I purchased a stripey swimwear set for our upcoming honeymoon, which will include lazing on the beach:

Purple version. Picture from

I bought one in dark blue stripes: $17.99 for the top, $14 for the bikini bottom. Really flattering and adorable, and it would be so cute with an imaginary giant floppy hat that I have no intention to acquire.

No picture because yours truly needs to lose a bunch of weight before being seen in this…

I also picked up this light summer scarf ($12.99) in a myriad of warm tones. I’ll need to cover my hair while photographing an upcoming Sikh wedding, so this was bought with that purpose in mind. My only existing light scarf is white, which apparently isn’t appropriate to wear to such a wedding.

And so it is, a new record for me: 3 patterned items in one shopping trip. Stripes, dots, and a colorful design!