companions on the journey

My new found love….

Running shoes from Asics

Jelly flats from Ferragamo

*sings* These shoes are made for walking (and running), and that’s what they’ll do… lalalalalalalala

p/s: Please pardon the unsightly pictures of my fat feet

Shoes of Love

You’d see a lot of posts on shoes from me… Cos’ I’m a shoe fanatic. Thankfully, I have self-control (haha…right)….but otherwise I will need a shoe room.

This old pair of shoes debuted exactly 4.5-years ago.  I got them from Beefy just before I joined The Company (as in, the current one whose name shall not be mentioned).  I saw them at Raoul while shopping with Beefy… and they were sitting there looking so pretty! In patent dreamy soft pink… But because they were obscenely priced (I’m a cheapo, remember?) and were not the most comfortable things on my feet (and I am particular that way), I decided against the purchase.

Lo and behold, Beefy surprised me with them the day before my first day at work. *aawww-es again* I wore them, and walked all the way to Purvis Street (2 blocks away from office) for lunch on my first day at work. Ouch.

These only go on my feet on the days when I know I won’t do a lot of walking, hence they are still in quite good condition even after all these years. And I have discovered these wonderful products from Boots to help me avoid them pesky blisters.

🙂 yay for sane foot products, so we can continue wearing killer heels!

shopping spree

I dated my sister for a girlie outing last Friday and accidentally burned a medium-sized hole in my wallet. What started out as a “chill-out, no agenda, let’s spend the day catching-up, doing girlie things” ended with us feeling totally exhausted. We even had to cab home home because we simply can’t manage the amount of shopping bags on the train.

So… the damage for me includes:

  • 2 pairs of boyfriend shorts, in coral red and white, from Gap. Well I have to justify myself…. the discounts offered was 2 pairs of shorts for $115. If I had just gotten 1 pair, I would have to pay $79 which wasn’t worthwhile.

  • 1 pair of cargo mini skirt… also from Gap. I got mine in khaki colour and this was almost a “love at first sight” piece. In fact, I picked it out within minutes of entering the store 🙂

  • 1 tunic top from Warehouse… sorry I can’t find the picture from Warehouse’s website. All I can say is that the top is in dusty pink! Woohoo!

Obviously my sister did way better than me at burning holes. Maybe someday I’ll invite her to do a guest entry 😛

Flying without wings

but with the right shot of colour…

dressing for flights take a bit of time and effort.

yes, people, the pink umbrella, the lime green comfy cotton racerback and the skinny jeans were no accident.

we started with RESEARCH…

we IMAGINED what the sky would look like…

we created the COLOURS for that shoot…

and then, we JUMPED!

(credit goes to longtime friend Sujoy Sen and his partner in crime, Richard Jacobson, for their work behind the lens, and for Richard’s wife, Yvonne, for nudging me to do the shoot.)

The Pink Patent

Brandless, label-less handbag that could fit the gigantic brick phone. And it’s a lovely bright look-at-me pink.

Goes fabulously with black school uniform dress.


That was taken on said phone at iso 800.
Below, taken at iso 400.


Obviously, it’s a day that i’m working on spreadsheets and numbers. This is waaaaay more fun.


Yes, I’ve been bitten yesterday… bought my first pair of croc[odile]s. Ok I know I know… I’m being super corny here. Not funny 😛

I’ve always thought that crocs were for those neighbourhood aunties and school kids and had never given them much considerations. I guess I was wrong! They’ve clearly improved and expanded their designs over the years… so gone are the big ugly holey rounded fronts with rubber sling-back. What’s more, they’re indeed rather comfy, and come in bright cheery colours which are perfect for summer.

Now say hello to the latest addition to my shoes collection.

*disclaimer: actually the big ugly holey rounded fronts with rubber sling-back design is still around, just that I’m not interested in those 😛