A few days ago I had just received my 2nd IPL Photo Facial treatment, and remember, after my first session, nothing happened? This time, after increasing the intensity of the treatment, I was AMAZED that some of the pigmentation on my cheeks actually CAME OFF when I wiped my face with toner on a cotton ball!


You would notice that a good number of spots have disappeared already, and some of the remaining ones are also lighter, yay! For both pictures, I don’t have anything on my face besides a very light, untinted serum, and both were taken with my iPhone at the same location in my home.

I’m on treatment 2 of 4 now, and now I’m really excited to see what results I’ll get by the time I’m done with this Groupon package!


2nd Session: IPL Photofacial

3 weeks ago I tried my first ever IPL Photofacial, thanks to Groupon. I was told to expect darkening of the freckles, and that they would gradually fall off.

No dice. Nothing happened. Nada.

So today, the nurse upped the power from 15 to 20. I definitely felt more discomfort, but it was still bearable, thanks to the generous amount of cooling gel applied to my face.

Again, I was told to expect darkening of the spots over the next 5-7 days, until they gradually slough off and fall from my face. That’s the desired outcome, at least.

Here’s what my skin looks like now, with nothing but SK-II Cellumination Essence on. I generously slathered the serum on after the treatment, to help combat dryness from the intensity of the laser.

The spots are definitely darker than when I first went into the medspa this morning, and there’s some redness as well. Thankfully, I don’t feel any pain. I’ll definitely follow up with a facial mask tonight to replenish moisture, plus a generous dose of Hada Labo moisturizer!

I hope it works… Fingers crossed and we’ll see what happens in a week.

1st try: IPL Photofacial

Fresh from our recent travels, I’ve been paying extra attention to my skin. So of course, Groupon kickstarts the year with a slew of beauty/fitness deals, and I buy, on impulse, a package for IPL Photofacials, hoping to help arrest the worsening freckles/sunspots after our extended beach vacation.

Today I had the first session, and I’m glad to report that my skin isn’t any worse for wear, and I had nary any redness!


This machine was quite loud, surprisingly, though it didn’t hurt too bad. I had a cooling gel slathered all over my face to help minimize discomfort.

I was informed that over the next 7-10 days, my freckles/spots may begin to darken to the color of coffee grounds before gradually flaking off (!!!!), so I need not panic. Here are some do’s and don’ts that the doctor shared with me:

– Cleanse as usual, but do so gently
– Moisturize!
Use sunblock dutifully

– Do not use a cleaning brush or washcloth to scrub your face
– Do not pick at the “scabs” (darkened spots waiting to fall off)
– Stop using intensive whitening products
– Avoid facials / microdermabrasion etc

This is how my skin looks today after the treatment, without any make-up on. The spots and specks are quite obvious.

I found my face seemed really dry after cleansing, so after toning with Neutrogena’s Alcohol-free toner, I put on a paper mask (foreground), part of my Christmas gifts from the lovely Miss Dressy:

The mask was very well absorbed, as I patted the residual toner onto my face (count to 100 while doing so and it will dry to a slightly tacky finish).

I smooth 2 drops of Cellumination Essence onto my face and my skin, probably parched from the lasering, lapped it all up. Then I added a thin coat of moisturizer.

Let’s hope nothing too crazy happens to my skin over the next few weeks. My next appointment is at the end of the month, and I sure am excited to see if this really works to downplay the appearance of these spots!