Lugging Lipsticks

I’m chronically insecure about lips. As in, I stress myself silly that my lips would flake and peel in humid Singapore without lip balm. *mad*

I had run out of the apartment without lip balm and had to spend the next hour looking for a replacement at the nearest mall. Not a difficult task unless I happen to be in industrial estates with nothing but factories.

Anyway, a peek into my handbag would reveal 2 holders of lip products.

My trusty Cocoon Grid-It (see below) containing essentials like iPod Nano, headset with mic, pen and pencil, thumb drive, lipstick and lip balm. The lip colour of choice lately has been Shu Uemura’s BG 960. It’s kind of an MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick for me. Love it!

I also have been lugging a fresh citrus oil to combat the awful food court smells that linger on me after lunch.


While the Grid-It is the go-to container for all outings, even for a dash to the bank, I have a cosmetic pouch to hold additional essentials.

In this versatile Harrods pouch gifted by a friend, I have a small compact mirror from The Body Shop, a tiny lip brush in case I need more defined lips, another lipstick (just a back-up. This colour is a Shu Uemura special with Karl Lagerfeld in Parisienne Pink), a clear gloss from The Body Shop and a Badger balm for dry cuticles or just to tame fly away hair.


The clear gloss is a very recent purchase (in late Sep). I bought it when it hit me out of the blue that I NEVER had a clear gloss before.

How did I ever live without it???

My Vanity Trove – sorted

I had it with my makeup in a few locations. Things came to a head when I couldn’t find my favorite blusher in light mauve earlier this week.

I had makeup in 3 places – a cardboard box by the sink (where I found my blusher!), a white plastic box housing the bulk off all the makeup and finally a mini drawer containing just lipsticks. These do not include the makeup brushes and liners in old glass jars.

I know, I know, for someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, I have a lot. I like playing with colours.

Anyway, I pulled out one of my Muji white opaque drawer box from the study and put it in the dressing area. It’s time to get organised.


As you can see from the picture above, it has just 2 drawers. The old white plastic box now only contains things like additional sponges, eyelash curler, sharpener, free skincare samples, etc.

First drawer contains all face and lip  items: foundation, face primer, blushers, lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms.

Next drawer contains only eye products: eyeshadows, mascaras, eye liners, etc.

I have everything laid out flat so that I can see at a glance where each item is. No more rummaging around a box or opening mini drawers!

Of course I am mortified with the excesses. Will need to hold off makeup purchases for a while…!

The Box In The Corner

I don’t have a lot of nail polish but with the odd ones that I possess, I really want to keep them. Cos I only buy polish colours that I will wear for quite a while.

However, as I don’t use them often, I don’t quite want them in my drawer with the usual skincare and makeup. I’d rather keep the precious real estate for skincare. (“Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin” said the late Shu Uemura.)

I’ve decided that nail polish should go in the corner of the chest of drawers, just behind the bedroom door. That should be nice and dark enough. (Most beauty gurus will say the fridge but I have very limited space in the small fridge night to fit into the pre-made kitchen space that came with the condo.)

At Daiso, I found the perfect little box for it. Has a handle for lugging around, enough space on top for taller bottles and a clear cover so that I can see the colours at one glance.


(Above pic taken at the balcony for the natural light. Would not dream of storing polish there!)

Man Bag-in-a-bag

Late on Monday night, it suddenly hit my husband: that bag-in-a-bag is REALLY USEFUL.

I had shuffled past him in my runny nose, blurry vision and coughing fit from the kitchen to the bedroom when he made that startling discovery.

The man was lounging in his seat at the dinner table admiring his new piece of art:


(And no, I wasn’t credited with nagging introducing this idea to him. Sigh!)

Out-of-season Clothes

Just 1 year and a half ago, I could still go around in straight jeans. Then all of a sudden, no! Such a fashion faux pas if I did. I had left them in the drawer as the population of skinny jeans grew. But alas, I need more space for skinnies and their t-shirt friends.

The good well-tailored long-sleeve shirts from Fil-a-fil and CYC were getting musty from hanging in the cupboard unused. When I get back to the old size or when fashion comes round, whichever is earlier, I shall pull them out  So, I moved them in with the straight jeans.

I used my stash of tissue paper saved from all the years of shopping to wrap each shirt before tucking them carefully into the vacuum bag.


Before and After: closet n buttons

I have a few good tops that are asymmetrical. The problem with these are that the tend to fall off their hangers. I had been tempted to buy those fancy hangers but had always been out off by their prices. Today, while slowly browsing at Daiso (everything is s$2 in that shop), i chanced upon fabric hangers in tiny florals.

Bought 2 just to try out. Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER. Those pretty fabric hangers work a treat!!



See my dark blue Jessica top. With the usual black plastic hanger, the neckline slides to its max while it stays put on the fabric hanger. Yay!

Also picked up a box at the “nails” section of the store for DIY nail art with sequins and colours. I thoughtthe plastic compartments would help keep the many buttons and sequins collected from new outfits in a orderly fashion.

It would be a step up from the higgly-piggly-throw-all-into-sewing-kit situation.

And here’s the BEFORE and AFTER look:


*hearts Daiso*

Of plastic, jewellery and lotion

Mini ziploc bags are really useful for storing jewellery, particular the sterling silver ones.


I also found them to be useful for lotions like sunblock. Yes, for the previous 10km walks when I needed to pack sunblock into my waist pouch, I squeeze some into the tiny plastic ziploc.

When travelling, too, I’ve used these mini zippies for soap flakes (for in case there are no soaps), hair masks, etc.

The problem is when i need to distinguish which white lotion is what product.

Today, I found at Daiso mini ziplocs with spaces for writing labels!!


Woohoo! No more mistaking conditioner for sunblock. Yay!

How to pack for a staycation

I’ve never been one to do smart packing whenever I go on vacation. I deliberate for a very long time over the clothes/shoes that I should bring along, often changing my mind at the last minute even though clothes have already been folded into the suitcase. Most times, the toiletries take up the most space and are the heaviest in my entire suitcase, which is ironic when I’d always set out to “travel light”. You’d think that I might have an easier time if it’s just a short trip but alas, the same issues will always surface.With the year-end in sight, the BF and I thought it’d be a good idea to go on a staycation given that it’s so expensive to travel overseas during this period. I try to be efficient this time by packing lightweight outfits – dresses that are easy to pack and won’t crease. These are easier to move around in humid Singapore and paired with my trusty pair of Birkenstocks, I’m all ready to conquer the local attractions.

I find it very useful to pack my stuff into pouches for easy differentiation and packing. Pouches for toiletries, undergarments, clothes, make-up, accessories etc, you get the drift. And needless to say, I’ve once again relied on this trusty packing method for the upcoming staycation. Tip, buy pouches with cheery colours. They look SO much better when you peer into your suitcase/travel bag.

This toiletries bag can store a lot. Never regretted buying this from Naraya (Thailand).

This toiletries bag can store a lot. Never regretted buying this from Naraya (Thailand).

Also from Naraya, this one is padded and stores my undergarments.

Also from Naraya, this one is padded and stores my undergarments.

Bag organisers are extremely useful especially if you're the sort who carries huge bags. This organiser comes with 6 side compartments and a giant one in the middle for wallets/sunnies/tissue etc.

Bag organisers are extremely useful especially if you’re the sort who carries huge bags. This organiser comes with 6 side compartments and a giant one in the middle for wallets/sunnies/tissue etc.


Organizing The Kitchen Sink

Finally got around to organizing my kitchen sink so that nothing swims in the deep recesses of the gold-bar bags (as named by The One In The Big Apple).

What you’ll need:

1. A small Grid-it.

2. A small bag organizer.

3. A large bag organizer that holds bottled water AND sunglasses among other things.


Put them altogether, you’ll get this:


Even better if these little baggies zip up.

Fashionably Late

Well of course I couldn’t possibly post up anything else when everyone else was (or when I was supposed to either).

Now brace yourself for an incredibly exclusive opportunity, the chance to peek into my cupboard!

Drumroll please…



Many, many outfits!

Unfortunately not many of them I can wear out in public on a regular basis, as they are all my traditional outfits that have to be kept lovingly for when I do wear them.

Now let me show you the next unfortunate part of my wardrobe:


Yes. This is my western wardrobe, warts and all. (In the second picture, half the shirts there belong to my husband A. I believe he owns more clothes than I do!)

Also now you probably have a good idea why I don’t let many people even have a peep in my cupboards!

Dressing for weekdays & weekends

Every Sunday night, I’d pull out five outfits for the working week and hang them behind the door. This helps to minimise last-minute situations infront of the wardrobe, thinking “oops, nothing to wear again”. Now that I take a much longer time to get to work, I do need to catch the bus at a certain time otherwise I’ll be late for work. Hence, planning ahead is important.

And unlike the weekdays where I’d usually plan my work outfits, it’s the complete opposite for the weekends.

A typical weekend outfit selection would usually see me change in AND out several times, and all because I do feel like I don’t have much to choose from some times. The typical thought process goes like this:

“Hmm, this is not too good. Shows off the tummy bulge.”

“Need to shave, can’t wear this.”

“Too low-cut, out.”

And this was what happened again today.

Choice #1: long maxi dress

Choice #2: red halter dress

Choice #3: frilly tube dress

Guess which option was eventually selected!

introducing mr. white

You would immediately think that Mr. White is a typical white elephant… but you are sooo wrong!! Mr White is my trusty, beloved wardrobe that swallows up all my clothes without any gripes, without throwing any tantrums.

The Majestic-looking Mr White which can be opened in 4 ways

So what do we have in door 1?

The top shelf contains my home clothes (aka pajamas), my belts and laundry/shoe bags. The first 2 drawers are full of my undergarments and swim wear, while the last drawer holds my sanitary, tissue and cotton wool supplies.

In door 2, you’ll find my tons of dresses, filed according to their colours.  Yes, I’m very anal that way 😛

Dresses galore!

Door 3 contains all my shirts and dressy tees. Again filed by colours

upper deck with all the long-sleeve shirts which I no longer wear

lower deck with all my tees & skirts

Door 4 is made up of 4 smaller areas.

First section is where I keep my cardigans and bath towels. Section 2 is for my white and black tank tops, tee with softer materials, shawls and my gym clothes

Section 3 is for my colourful tees, and more shawls!! Section 4 is for all my denims (jeans & skirts) and my track pants

There you go! Told ya Mr White is super magnificent! Then again, there’s never enough!

“I’ve got nothing to wear!!!”

Reality Check

In my mind, I’ve ‘diversified’ my wardrobe significantly since I’ve relocated to Los Angeles, CA. “I have SO MUCH color in my wardrobe!” I would tell myself.

A few snapshots of my clothing stash may force some reevaluation…

Left: Casual tops. Suitably non-shabby for interacting with other human beings.
Middle: Yoga pants. Lots & lots of pairs. Long and cropped.
Right: Casual tees for working-from-home, lounging-at-home, cooking-at-home, and… some for yoga class.

Probably 90% of what I wear on a daily basis comes from this drawer. The perks of working from home + one of my jobs dictates I wear comfy yoga pants if I do decide to show up in person.

Note: Again, I highly recommending forming “columns” with folded clothing. So convenient, and you can identify everything at a glance!

The Dresses & Skirts (and other random bits) drawer. I honestly don’t open this drawer very much at all. Although I do like that turquoise smocked tube dress very much. Doesn’t hurt that it was $7 or something ridiculous like that.

The Winter Drawer: Some people would say Southern California doesn’t have seasons – well, not like Canada – but it really does. The knits and woolens go in here as the mercury starts to rise.

My closet. A vintage house means it’s just over 3 feet wide (1 meter). I’ve stashed my bulky winter jackets / trenchcoats in the Husband’s closet (thrice this size) so it looks roomier than it should be.

The fancier clothing and light jackets (for cool summer nights) go here. As do my most-worn scarves, and footwear. Hmm. Perhaps the footwear should get their own post….