The perfect nail polish

Inspired by Small White Skinny’s recent posts on nail polishes, I’ve decided to share a recent purchase that was made online. I first came across this particular nail polish a few years ago at my regular nail spa and was so in love with it that it’d be my de facto choice during my monthly visits.

Sadly, due to its popularity amongst the other customers, and coupled with the fact that there was no stock from the supplier, I had to live without this shade of polish for a good part of a year.

Finally came across the nail polish again on one of my recent online forays and decided to make a purchase. For only S$13, I think it’s a great buy! It’s a very wearable shade with a slight tinge of purple but mostly, it just looks nudish against my skin tone 😀

In case anyone's keen, this is OPI's 'Tockle My Francey'.

In case anyone’s keen, this is OPI’s ‘Tickle My Francey’.

my pedicured feet!

my pedicured feet!


DOTD: Vince Camuto peep toes

Have you ever gone to a TJ Maxx to look for ONE THING and actually succeeded in leaving with said ONE THING?

Well, I never have.

Today I ventured into that treacherous place to pick up a gift for a baby, and… of course, the shoe section exerts a magical magnetic attraction that I could not resist.

A pair of Vince Camuto ‘Kendall’ peep toe patent pumps caught my eye so I thought to slip them on, just for fun.
Oh. They’re half a size too small, but hey, they look so chic.

As I peered at the shoe mirror, two women, also victims of the magnetic shoe section, ooh-ed and aaah-ed over my new find.

“They look SO GOOD on you!”
“Such pretty shoes! Did you see another pair around here?”

At this point, I decided to look at the price. All 3 of us gasped:


Well, as 3 random strangers who just started talking in the TJ Maxx shoe aisle, we unanimously agreed that I HAD TO buy these shoes.

But they’re a little tight, I countered.

Immediately, I was advised to wear socks with the shoes to stretch them out. Use a hairdryer to soften them WHILE wearing socks. “Oooh! I saw that on Pinterest,” I add. “OMG I LOVE PINTEREST!” squealed my newfound friends in unison.

Of course I bought them. It wouldn’t be right to let my friends down, now would it?

At the cash register, the sale clerk who rang me up made a remark about how much she loves this shoe, and then went “WOW you got a DEAL on this one!” with the $15 beep.

I found them online:

As I left TJ Maxx beaming and proud, I realized… I don’t have much to wear my new nude peep toe pumps with! Oh no! So… when I walked by a $22 tan-colored pencil skirt at Target (erm, I had to get a card to go with the gift?), I snapped it up too.


The best part? I have a 3-day conference to attend next week, so I can debut these shoes, the skirt, AND my new Calvin Klein pumps and J Crew skirt! WOO HOO!

Linguine shoes

I bought a pair of new shoes today! Accordng to the boyfriend, “why am I not surprised?”. But in my defence, it was really cheap and it is also a design that Ive been lusting after for a long time.People who are familiar with a certain Brazilian shoe brand known for its rubberised shoes will know that a pair of shoes costs at least S$100. I can’t bring myself to pay that sort of money on rubber flats. Granted, they are known to be really comfortable but I can’t exactly wear them to work so they can only be worn during the weekends. Not exactly good reasons to justify the purchase.

Imagine my delight when I came across a shop today selling the same pair of shoes at only a fraction of the original cost. Yes, it’s not the original brand but I like the shoes for its design. The brand is immaterial. Given my love for shoes, I couldn’t resist and bought it. The best part of the deal? The shoes costs only S$25 after a small discount given by the shop owner, great deal! The shop owner calls this the “meepok shoes” given its resemblance to the noodle. For those who are not familiar with the word, ‘meepok’ is the name of a local Singaporean noodle that resembles the Italian pasta, linguine. Hence the title of today’s post. 🙂

Here are the pictures of the shoes.. I’m really excited about the new addition to my collection, and in my favourite colour too!

In my favourite colour too!


Just love going nude

Ahem, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t referring to the lack of clothes on one’s body, but was referring to my favourite shoe colour instead. :p

Nude/beige colour shoes are so versatile, they practically go with every outfit of choice that you can think of.

  • Bright colour outfits? Check.
  • Floral prints? Check.
  • Polka dots? Check.
  • Neutrals? Check.

You get the drift.

I’m the proud owner of two pairs (yes, sadly just two!) of nude shoes, one of which was previously featured in this blog too. Just yesterday, I’ve added another pair of nudes, a pair of wedges this time, to my shoe collection. The first’s a pair of pointy heels and the other, a pair of slingbacks. I’m so excited about the shoes, they look rather cute with a glossy sheen! These cost S$45, and after using some vouchers to offset the cost, I only needed to top up S$5.. wooot!!!


DSW: Disappointed at the Shoe Warehouse

I’m a HUGE fan of DSW (“Designer Shoe Warehouse”), and thanks to their wonderful rewards program, I realized that I had $20 in reward vouchers to spend by this week. Eeeeek!

I trooped over to DSW, hoping that I would find some good deals like I always did. Slouchy grey boots were on my radar, but alas, out of ALL the aisles of boots, there were no grey slouchy boots to be found!

Here are some items that caught my eye:

It doesn’t really rain in Southern California, nor are these something I would realistically wear, but these whale-print galoshes are just so cute!

This brown pointy pair was really quite fetching with a stacked wooden heel, however, I wasn’t convinced how often I would get to wear them.

I really, really, liked this pair of nude cork wedges by Via Spiga. With the padded footbed, they were really comfy too, albeit a little high. But… I already own 2 pairs of wedges which I don’t even wear all that often, so paying $60 after the reward vouchers didn’t seem like a good idea.

I also tried on a couple pairs of boots (in sable and cognac) – sorry I forget to snap pictures – but I was reminded by The Husband that I *ahem* already own 2 pairs of brown boots. Well, can’t argue with that fact.

I ended up wandering DSW for an hour, desperately trying to find something to buy (can’t get $20 go to waste, can I? I’m such a sucker for marketing….)

Finally, I settled on a pair of Reef flipflops, priced at $24.99:

Not the most exciting purchase, but I’m pretty pleased to get these comfortable flipflops for $5.

Maybe next time, DSW!