These boots are made for walking

Sitting at JFK 6 hours early for my flight (yes, really), I noticed that the past 8 days in Manhattan have really taken a toll on my boots.

I acquired these Ralph Lauren cuffed boots last year for about $129 I believe. Despite the high stacked heel, they are amazingly comfortable.

Hopefully some polish and TLC will bring back some semblance of lustre to these hardworking shoes. The streets of New York + subway closures due to Hurricane Sandy certainly mean these boots were pounding the pavement a LOT!

NYC: Natural style habitat

Black turtleneck: $24.95, H&M
Metal bow belt: $12.95, H&M
“Denim” (looks like it, but actually of a ‘formal’ material) pencil skirt: $6 from Target

I’ve been wearing black black and more black here in New York City. This Monochromatic Chamelon is certainly feeling very much at home!

I guess the jet black hair helps the ensemble too.