Champagne for a French

Did my very first DIY French tips on my sickly (ok, taupe coloured) nails today. I picked a very light, barely-there colour with tiny bit of shimmer called Champagne Toast #220 from Sally Hanson’s Diamond Strength range.

The colour layered well. I did the French tips in 2 to 3 layers trying out 3 application techniques. Tried going across in a sweep, going from each side to the centre and also tried just painting close to the tips in the same way as I’d apply nail polish.


The last method is probably my preferred method as I don’t need to deal with smudges of polish on the sides of the nails. However, the French tips from that tend to be thicker. Maybe the next time when I try it, I’ll use a scotch tape to help me.

Sickly Nail Polish On Me

Yesterday, I received a nail polish by Innisfree from a client who was gifted this but could not wear it. The colour made her nails looked sickly.

I tried it in me and it looked alright! Not my usual happy colour selection but it gave a muted elegance to my short nails.

It looked good on way to yoga class.


(Pic above shows before and after)

Let’s see how it performs tonight when I get dressed for a night out. πŸ™‚

The perfect nail polish

Inspired by Small White Skinny’s recent posts on nail polishes, I’ve decided to share a recent purchase that was made online. I first came across this particular nail polish a few years ago at my regular nail spa and was so in love with it that it’d be my de facto choice during my monthly visits.

Sadly, due to its popularity amongst the other customers, and coupled with the fact that there was no stock from the supplier, I had to live without this shade of polish for a good part of a year.

Finally came across the nail polish again on one of my recent online forays and decided to make a purchase. For only S$13, I think it’s a great buy! It’s a very wearable shade with a slight tinge of purple but mostly, it just looks nudish against my skin tone πŸ˜€

In case anyone's keen, this is OPI's 'Tockle My Francey'.

In case anyone’s keen, this is OPI’s ‘Tickle My Francey’.

my pedicured feet!

my pedicured feet!


Funky Nail Failed

While watching TV, I decided to do my nails at the same time. (It was an Ashton Kutcher flick, i can easily follow the plot.) I played around with an assortment of nail colours. It was good except for uneven painting, jagged edges and one obvious smudge. Oh well. Who’d noticed, right?


The colours are:
Sally Hansen Nude Now on thumbs and pinkies;
Essie She’s Picture Perfect on index fingers;
Essie Pilates Hottie on middle fingers; and
Essie Yogaga on ring fingers.
Sally Hansen Double Duty as base and top coats.

The Box In The Corner

I don’t have a lot of nail polish but with the odd ones that I possess, I really want to keep them. Cos I only buy polish colours that I will wear for quite a while.

However, as I don’t use them often, I don’t quite want them in my drawer with the usual skincare and makeup. I’d rather keep the precious real estate for skincare. (“Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin” said the late Shu Uemura.)

I’ve decided that nail polish should go in the corner of the chest of drawers, just behind the bedroom door. That should be nice and dark enough. (Most beauty gurus will say the fridge but I have very limited space in the small fridge night to fit into the pre-made kitchen space that came with the condo.)

At Daiso, I found the perfect little box for it. Has a handle for lugging around, enough space on top for taller bottles and a clear cover so that I can see the colours at one glance.


(Above pic taken at the balcony for the natural light. Would not dream of storing polish there!)

Funky Monday

Dressed up for a cloudy Monday in a new piece of OwnMuse dress. It was a short, sassy dress made of light poly–linen (i think) and silk. I liked it immediately when I saw it on the rack. Guess it was the great mix of fabrics, the prim-and-properness of the long sleeves and cuffs juxtaposed with the short, uneven hem line that rocked this dress.



It went great with my new duo-tone nails.



Mondays are just so much more bearable with funky nails and happy dresses.

Closette nightmare

Dear fellow Closettes,

I have a nightmare on my hands…literally.

Sometime last week, in the midst of some grotesque snow blizzard, my hand slipped while shutting the car boot, and ripped part of my nail off instead:


Now it just keeps getting caught on stuff (prime example: wool gloves, or my own hair!). I have put on band aids, but because of where it is, they just slide off. Also I can’t just trim it to be a kind of straight line either.

Now the bigger problem is, I have some formal dinners to go to, and have also started job hunting, so any ideas on how I can make my hand look closettes worthy??

Nails & Case


I had a rare manicure today (in Essie’s “Macks” again) in anticipation of our 3rd anniversary photoshoot tomorrow.

While on a last minute accessories hunt this evening at Charlotte Russe because of said shoot, I chanced upon this Bottega-inspired iPhone case. On the inside, it snugly holds an iPhone and has space for cards & cash. Perfect for those quick little trips, and at $8.50, The Husband said “Stop thinking and just buy it!”

And then he paid for it πŸ™‚

Update: inside picture.

New Find: Layered Nail Polish

Ok, this is weird: Two posts about nail polish in one day! But I was just taking a post-dinner stroll in my neighborhood and came across these bottles of nail polish at Urban Outfitters:

They are tri-colored and layered, but are dubbed “Marble Nail Polish”

Well, fascinating as they may appear, these get REALLY BAD REVIEWS. Ah, so it’s just a gimmick!

And since today became nail polish day, here’s some cute packaging from Anna Sui:

Source: UrbanOutfitters website

Bells & whistles aside, I am certainly sticking to OPI or Essie!