A (Price) Sensitive Man


The Husband has been pretty conscious about what he wears nowadays, and in a bit to get out of the “t-shirt-and-cargo-shorts” rut, yesterday he tried on some fitted khaki shorts and a casual button-up shirt at the Gap Factory store.

I REALLY like this look on him, and he did too, but he decided that $35 for a shirt – even one that fits him well – was too much money to spend. That said, he did buy the $17 shorts since they were on clearance.

I guess $35 does buy 7 Old Navy tees when they’re on sale….

Hey handsome, what’s your number?

The husband lost a bunch of weight recently and has been grumbling about how his clothes don’t fit right. So yesterday we went on a hunt for new jeans.


Who knew there were so many choices?

The husband currently (and has for many years) wears the 559, “Relaxed Straight Fit”. So yesterday after trying what felt like every single cut available in his size, we finally decided on what works best:



Sorry, no modeling pictures, but these certainly make him look sharper and more put together than the overly-loose “relaxed fit” jeans.

Conclusion: It’s not the brand, the price, nor the trend. It’s all about fit.

Man Shopping

I recently purchased a discounted red jacket for an upcoming photoshoot, and this time round, The Husband suddenly wanted to fret about his outfit too!

We decided that he needed a winter jacket + some layers. While out shopping today, I spotted a Givenchy leather jacket for $800, marked down from $3000!

The Husband of course insisted on trying out “the fancy French jacket” just for kicks, nevermind that it was two sizes too small for him:

It’s too trendy for his laidback style, but the leather was certainly very supple, and the jacket evidently well-made. But… wow, $3000 full price?!

We purchased the 100% cashmere sweater ($43, pictured) that was soft & plush, not scratchy; and a textured/metallic dark grey Ben Sherman tie for $20 (pictured). The Ben Sherman jacket above looks really good, but we decided he didn’t need a $229 jacket that he wouldn’t wear very often.

Incidentally, he had earlier tried on a Hugo Boss suit that fit him really well. It was on clearance for $350 and I offered to buy it for him, but he declined, since he had just purchased an iPad Mini last week for the same price. Oh well. Fiscal discipline is key!

Yesterday we also picked up a Kenneth Cole Reaction wool peacoat for him at $50. It was quite the adventure, as the coat had no tags at all on it, and we had to bug the manager to figure out a price, rather than just say they can’t sell it to us. She initially said 10% off $99.90 – the price of a similar Calvin Klein coat – but The Husband gave her his offer of 50% off. “Ok, sure,” she said, preferring to be rid of this random article of clothing, and thus the deal was sealed.

Here’s his complete outfit:
Peacoat: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $50
Shirt: Existing. From our wedding.
Tie: Ben Sherman, $20
Sweater: ‘John Nordstrom’, $43
Jeans: Existing. Levi’s.
Belt: Existing.
Total: $113

I have to say, he looks pretty darn good!