The wonders of online shopping (part 1)

While being extremely productive last Sunday, I managed to do some online shopping and bought 3 dresses. The first arrived in the mail a few days ago and it was my outfit for today. The other 2 are on the way to me from the UK!! *excited*

Bought my dress from Love, Bonito for a total cost of S$35.50 (inc postage). Love it!!

Azalea Maxi Dress

In this episode of modeling-clothes-in-my-front-yard, I try on a smocked tube maxi dress by Old Navy ($32). I ordered it online as part of my quest for outfits for our annual photoshoot, and it arrived today.

Since I had decided on using the cheapo Forever21 blue dress, I was prepared to return this. But damn, this is flattering and really comfortable, so… I guess it gets to stay?

The color is Azalea. Cinched with a very old Forever21 belt (about $7?).

Here, paired with the new patterned scarf I recently purchased to cover my hair at a Sikh wedding.

Thank goodness maxi dresses/skirts are in vogue this season! My pudge thanks the fashion gods.

P/S: I don’t usually shop very much, in case my frequent posts with new buys create that impression. It’s just that we’re freshly-headed into a new season, and also because I’m looking for outfits for our anniversary shoot. I hope to put together some reworked mix-and-match ideas from my existing wardrobe in the weeks ahead!


Today’s a ‘personal grooming’ day, so I had to make considerations for a comfortable & practical outfit that would allow access to the necessary body parts.

Managed to throw this together – albeit with a belt (free, came with a top I purchased) that’s not properly aligned – for full functionality. Sleeveless top (Old Navy clearance, $5) and a maxi skirt ($18-ish at TJ Maxx last year) that happens to be pouffed up thanks to a passing gust. Gotta love a breezy, comfy outfit on a hot summer’s day!