It’s Easter Sunday and springtime is officially here so I broke out this pair of white Levi’s Curves jeans acquired from my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law last year. She had purchased them online and they turned out to be too small for her, but fit me quite nicely. Yay!

Jeans: Gift. Levi’s “Slightly Curvy”
Top: $5 from Old Navy
Shoes: “Felicia” espadrille wedges by Tommy Hilfiger
Scarf: From Nordstrom Rack?

Saturday Night Out

We usually work on Saturdays, so when I had a rare opportunity to hang out with friends in a hip neighborhood tonight, I decided to try something new:

I wore my Levi’s Curves skinny jeans with the new Calvin Klein wedges, paired with a leather jacket from Forever 21, a cheapo H&M striped tee, and a $7 Gap scarf.

Thus far I’ve only worn the skinny jeans inside of boots. I can’t say I really feel confident/comfortable wearing them like this. I feel… chunky.


I also tried the outfit with these Steve Madden Luxe ankle strap heels (got them for under $20 a couple of years ago):
These shoes actually go better with my outfit, but they’re notoriously uncomfortable despite the addition of insole padding. Knowing that Los Angeles on Saturday night could mean a parking nightmare (i.e.: walking several blocks – also because The Husband is vehemently against paying for valet – I decided against them.

In the end we had to walk 2 blocks, so I’m certainly glad I made a practical choice!