Earrings for Mass

Wore the pair of diamond earrings bestowed upon me by my late mother-in-law to the evening Mass today.



It’s a short service, and by their usual standards, not crowded but all the rows in the chapel were occupied. I wore a tunic over light coloured tights, ballet flats and covered my bare shoulders with a shawl. Call me old-fashioned but I can’t bring myself to wear shorts, mini skirts or leopard print tops with back cut-outs! (yes, all these were on display around me as i scanned the rows in front of me.)

Birthday earrings!!

And yours truly turns an official 31 today. There were no sad thoughts of “ack, one year older!” or “everything starts to sag now!” when I woke up this morning. Like the past years, I’m just grateful that I’ve lived well, loved well and behaved well (haha) in the past one year. More about birthday thoughts in the personal blog (for those of you who know the URL, swing over soon!).

So, birthday celebrations started last night with a dinner with the BF. And I do have to give him credit for effort. Many surprises were planned, and while he said these are nothing spectacular, everything just came together nicely and I was a happy trooper last night.

Check out birthday earrings below!

With a lovely blue-purple stone in the middle *hearts*

And now, a close-up shot.