OOTD: 501s with a touch of luxe

One way to re-interpret my classic 501s was to make it stand out on its own by pairing it with:

  • a light-coloured silk top (straight-cut; OwnMuse)
  • sparkly, strappy sandals (Geox – sadly, they’ve discontinued this style)
  • brightly coloured handbag (Goyard)
  • and a gold bracelet (part of the wedding dowry from the groom!)


I rolled up the cuffs of the jeans for an updated look. Even the Husband got involved and helped me work out this length.  🙂





Black Jeans: 2nd pair EVER

I’m headed to Japan soon, and it’s likely to be rather cold. I plan to bring two pairs of jeans for the 12-day trip, one of which are these Levi’s Women’s Leggings in “Deep Night”. The other pair is $7.80 from Forever 21, which I absolutely do not trust while traveling: the buttons are janky, the zipper poor, and the stitching threatens to unravel at anytime. Why did I buy them? Well, I just wanted try out the whole ‘skinny jeans’ thing on me before committing.

Naturally, I needed second pair of skinnies that would fit into my jeans (like this). I went back to the Levi’s on Zappos.com so I didn’t have to go shopping and try jeans on. “Deep Night” was sold out at the time of my order: I went with Black. The last time I had black jeans was 1998, and I wore them till they were absolutely grubby and decidedly un-black anymore.


I wasn’t too thrilled about paying $40 for jeans, since my daily staple are some $16 bootcut Levi’s I get from Costco – I also bought a ‘fancier’, apparently slimming pair for $24 a few months ago – but at least they weren’t exorbitant:


They arrived overnight (Zappos’ VIP 1-day shipping is AMAZING), they make my butt look good. They do seem a tad long, but I guess jeans/jeggings tend to shrink a little? My current pair, worn in New York, also bunched a little.

I’ve started putting aside my clothes for the trip, and all I can say is…. TURTLENECK is the theme!

Bringing Back my classic 501s!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s a brand new year!! Woohoo!!

Much as I am excited about the new year, I’m setting myself the challenge of buying less new clothes and re-interpreting items hiding in the deep recesses of my wardrobe.

One of the items I love deeply is my Levi’s 501 jeans. I had retired it in a large vacuum bag when the the skinny jeans trend picked up steam.

I pulled them out and had looked online for some ideas of how I can carry these off in the age of skinnies.


(Above: It was retired in Feb 2013.)


(Above: I put one of my skinnies on the 501s just to compare the cut.)

* * * * *

With the jeans, I paired them with a few tops and paraded them in front of my long-suffering husband. The poor man, he’s not sure if what his answers should be.

“Do I look alright in this outfit?”

“…. err, I can’t see…”

“No, I mean, can the look fly?”


“I mean, do the jeans look too clunky at this length?”

(He realised it’s not a trick question.) “Ah, no, looks ok. Is this new?”

“No, it’s my 501s!”

“Nice!” (Relieved. he turned back to football commentary.)

Great! Am gg to try out it out one of these days and update with pictures!

Hey handsome, what’s your number?

The husband lost a bunch of weight recently and has been grumbling about how his clothes don’t fit right. So yesterday we went on a hunt for new jeans.


Who knew there were so many choices?

The husband currently (and has for many years) wears the 559, “Relaxed Straight Fit”. So yesterday after trying what felt like every single cut available in his size, we finally decided on what works best:



Sorry, no modeling pictures, but these certainly make him look sharper and more put together than the overly-loose “relaxed fit” jeans.

Conclusion: It’s not the brand, the price, nor the trend. It’s all about fit.

Clueless moment

Stared at my nearly stuffed wardrobe this morning and at a Cluess Closette moment…: “got nothing to wear…”

Rummage through the wardrobe and came up with this combination:


Loose, translucent grey top, teamed with black H&M skinny jeans, accessorised with “touchwood/choy!” necklace from The Museum Shop.

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