Spotted at JCrew

I made my first online JCrew purchases a week ago, picking up a lightweight wool dress in navy for $82 – which unfortunately fit my bottom half swimmingly well, but my lack of boobyness left the top too baggy – and a polka dot pencil skirt.

The pencil skirt turned out to be flattering and fits perfectly, and I really like the unusual pattern. I’ll post another picture when I’m actually wearing it. For now:


I paid $46.50 + tax + shipping for it, but as you see above, it’s now marked down to $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Unfortunately JCrew Factory would not allow for the price adjustment because it’s been more than 7 days. Ah well. You win some, you lose some!

Silky Smooth Sale

I recently started thinking about silk shirts after I discovered Everlane, a clothing manufacturer that claims to sell high quality products direct to the consumer, with no middleman.

I’ve never tried on a silk shirt, much less owned one, so today when I passed a JCrew store and spotted silk shirts on their clearance rack, I was quick to try one on, “just to see how it feels” before I consider ordering online from Everlane.

Well, it feels pretty damn nice!!!

Super light & airy yet opaque enough to not need a camisole under. Seems like it will be perfect for SoCal summers!

I was hesitant to purchase because the white versions were marked at $79.99. But… when looking for the care label on this shirt, I realized that the navy blue version is $59.99!

Usual price $118!

And here’s the clincher: As I made my way to the cash register, I saw a very familiar face. Turns out, one of my clients is the manager of this JCrew store – say whaaaaaaat?!

Guess who scored a further employee discount?


$41.99 for an originally-$118 silk shirt: That’s what I call a DEAL!

(I also learned about JCrew’s “Very Personal Stylist” program, and am certainly considering a style consultation sometime!)