Charles x Karl x Depression

It’s the end of a long week! Decided to go bold (and happy) with my newest acquisition – a dress by Singapore label, Depression, marked down to just S$40 (don’t we love post-season buys??).

Heels:  Melissa Incense + Karl Lagerfeld  (yes, the ice cream on the heels!) 

Tote: Charles & Keith


Hint hint?


I met friends for dinner last night, and once I sat down, they gave me this book. Should I take a hint?
I ordered fish & chips for dinner anyway.

*Backstory: There was no malice in the “gift”. My friends went to the Ellen Show and received a copy each. They figured they didn’t need 2 copies in one household, so they thoughtfully gifted one to me.

But still, it was pretty funny!

Sidenote: I am seriously considering following Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules” though….

Web Favorites: WTFYWT


Finally, a blog that speaks the truth about questionable fashion: WTFYWT is a Singapore-based blog that bluntly criticizes sartorial sensibilities (or lack thereof).

Kinda mean, but makes for great entertainment!

NOTE: We are neither affiliated with, nor paid/perked by the sites and resources mentioned. We are sharing them purely because we find these sites interesting, helpful and/or relevant to our blog’s primary subject matter.

21 Express Pandas Forever

I had to make an exchange at Forever21 today, and the conversation with the cashier went like this:

Cashier: Do you have a receipt, ma’am?
Me: Yep! It’s in the bag.

[Cashier rummages in bag, retrieves a receipt, prepares to scan it]

Cashier: Erm, ma’am, this is for Panda Express….


Thankfully further rummaging yielded the correct receipt and an exchange was successfully made, and no pandas were harmed in the process. Phew.