DOTD: Vince Camuto peep toes

Have you ever gone to a TJ Maxx to look for ONE THING and actually succeeded in leaving with said ONE THING?

Well, I never have.

Today I ventured into that treacherous place to pick up a gift for a baby, and… of course, the shoe section exerts a magical magnetic attraction that I could not resist.

A pair of Vince Camuto ‘Kendall’ peep toe patent pumps caught my eye so I thought to slip them on, just for fun.
Oh. They’re half a size too small, but hey, they look so chic.

As I peered at the shoe mirror, two women, also victims of the magnetic shoe section, ooh-ed and aaah-ed over my new find.

“They look SO GOOD on you!”
“Such pretty shoes! Did you see another pair around here?”

At this point, I decided to look at the price. All 3 of us gasped:


Well, as 3 random strangers who just started talking in the TJ Maxx shoe aisle, we unanimously agreed that I HAD TO buy these shoes.

But they’re a little tight, I countered.

Immediately, I was advised to wear socks with the shoes to stretch them out. Use a hairdryer to soften them WHILE wearing socks. “Oooh! I saw that on Pinterest,” I add. “OMG I LOVE PINTEREST!” squealed my newfound friends in unison.

Of course I bought them. It wouldn’t be right to let my friends down, now would it?

At the cash register, the sale clerk who rang me up made a remark about how much she loves this shoe, and then went “WOW you got a DEAL on this one!” with the $15 beep.

I found them online:

As I left TJ Maxx beaming and proud, I realized… I don’t have much to wear my new nude peep toe pumps with! Oh no! So… when I walked by a $22 tan-colored pencil skirt at Target (erm, I had to get a card to go with the gift?), I snapped it up too.


The best part? I have a 3-day conference to attend next week, so I can debut these shoes, the skirt, AND my new Calvin Klein pumps and J Crew skirt! WOO HOO!

Come heels or high water…

A few days ago I donned these Enzo Angiolini heels for my wedding anniversary. But there was one problem: we would be walking two blocks to the restaurant for dinner.

I had brought along a pair of Havaianas flip flops, intending to walk in them, change into the heels for dinner, and then reverse the process for the journey back to the hotel.

But… I figured it out be rather unglamorous changing footwear outside of a fancy French restaurant, so I stashed the flip flops in my purse, and… surprisingly did not need them! I made the walk to and fro in those heels without too much discomfort!

Yay for platform heels!

Saturday Night Out

We usually work on Saturdays, so when I had a rare opportunity to hang out with friends in a hip neighborhood tonight, I decided to try something new:

I wore my Levi’s Curves skinny jeans with the new Calvin Klein wedges, paired with a leather jacket from Forever 21, a cheapo H&M striped tee, and a $7 Gap scarf.

Thus far I’ve only worn the skinny jeans inside of boots. I can’t say I really feel confident/comfortable wearing them like this. I feel… chunky.


I also tried the outfit with these Steve Madden Luxe ankle strap heels (got them for under $20 a couple of years ago):
These shoes actually go better with my outfit, but they’re notoriously uncomfortable despite the addition of insole padding. Knowing that Los Angeles on Saturday night could mean a parking nightmare (i.e.: walking several blocks – also because The Husband is vehemently against paying for valet – I decided against them.

In the end we had to walk 2 blocks, so I’m certainly glad I made a practical choice!

A Night Out

Melody Gardot played at The Orpheum Theater tonight, one of Los Angeles’ most beautiful historic venues, and we had 6th row tickets! Yaay!

Dress: Purchased in Singapore for about $50: a sweetheart neckline tube dress with batik strips accentuating the bodice / bust.

Shoes: My current faves: Enzo Angiolini heels I scored for $27 at DSW.

Purse: Faux snakeskin clutch also purchased in Singapore for something ridiculous like $3 after I used a bunch of gift cards (“vouchers”) I redeemed using points from my internet service provider.

Earrings: $7.99 from Burlington Coat Factory.

I like having reason to dress up!