Uniqlo makes me happy!

In another 2 weeks’ time I’ll be in Kyushu, enjoying (hopefully) the burst of autumn colours in lovely Japan. I’ve started to think about what to pack for the cool autumn weather. Decided to ‘invest’ in a few pieces of Uniqlo’s “Heattech” clothings to start off – I may live in a sunny island 1 degree North of Equator, but being the travel-nista that I am means I have to own a small cold weather wardrobe.

I’ve heard quite a bit about “Heattech”, which is a Japanese technology that supposedly “turns moisture evaporating from your body (ie. sweat) into heat by itself”. I don’t know how it works, but I know friends (including MonoChromatic) who swears by it, and I’m not about to argue with a 10-year old Japanese technology. So off to Uniqlo I went on Thursday during lunchtime for a quick shopping trip. Bought myself a camisole and a pair of leggings to start off first – if it works really well I’ll probably get a few more pieces of long sleeve tops and leggings – it seems I may have to travel to China early next year for work, and I have a hiking trip to north-west of Spain late next Spring, which can be quite cold. So these lightweight warm clothing will come in handy.

And… guess what? Remember that orange hat that I blogged about some time ago? I saw an olive green version of it going at about 1/2 the price. So I snagged it, alongside a light, fluffy silver down vest which was on sale, at $20 off its usual price.

What a fruitful trip to Uniqlo!