Red and Wavy

Ooh short hair that is red and wavy. I did this on a Friday afternoon, had to wait for at least 24 hours before I could shampoo at home. Which meant that the whole of Saturday, I went through the icky I-can’t-wash-my-hair stage despite doing 2 yoga classes and a dinner. Ugh!

Then on Sunday morning, I happily did my wash and took a picture of the new hairstyle when it was still rather damp with lots of leave-in condition and serum. As always with new haircuts, I put on a nice outfit (as opposed to the usual tee-shirt and shorts weekend wear) with a red silk Tocca blouse.

On Tuesday, I tried air-drying the hair (yes, it went all poofy on me when dried naturally!) and styled it before meetings with lots (LOTS) of leave-in conditioner and leave-in treatment water AND soft wax.  Took a bit more work than my wash-and-dry style but it was totally manageable. Phew!




Verdict? Hmm, I think I look a little more grown up with the waves. 🙂

The new lip colour, Pink Honey (a brown-rose coloured lipstick) from Clinique goes fabulously with this hairdo!







Care for Red

Two days after colouring my hair red, the colour still runs. Am not sure if it’s my shampoos that are causing the colour run.

I decided to try Klorane’s shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. It lathered well.  I also didn’t see much red on the run when I rinsed off the shampoo nor conditioner.


Let’s see how the hair colour looks a week from today…!

Butter Up!

Every one or 2 weeks, I try to get rid of build up by using The Body Shop’s ginger shampoo. The only issue is that without build up, my hair is stiff and I end up looking like a frou frou doll. And so will start piling on hair products. Sigh.

Last week, I was recommended by a sales assistant to try their Rainforest hair butter as a post-ginger hair conditioner.


It’s truly more moisturizing than the usual hair rinse. Just had to wait 5 mins before washing off the hair butter.

I can live with that!

Japanese precision cut

Shunji Matsuo is quite the revered name for great haircuts in Singapore. I had heard my friend rave about him and his team of stylists. Back in 2005, I had paid s$70ish for a hair cut by one of his senior stylists. It was great but I just couldn’t afford repeated visits.

Since then, the Shunji Matsuo business sms to have grown with a number of their smaller salons in Singapore.

Just a week ago, I saw a Groupon deal for hair treatment at one of their outlets (313 located at Somerset station) and leapt at the chance to get my hair done on the cheap!


It was a special treatment with a light head massage and I had to sit for 20 mins with my hair wrapped in cellophane.

Afterwards, I paid extra for a haircut by the master stylist, Zenn. She did a fab job!



Budget Copper Red

On the fringe of the business district, there’s an old public housing estate with lots of small businesses selling housewares, bubble tea, cakes and beauty services.

I popped into one hair salon, C&C Salon, on Saturday afternoon, picked out a copper red tone from their L’Oreal palette and settled down.

When the hairdresser started on my hair, I was a tad concerned because she didn’t section my hair before starting on the coloring process…

But it turned out really well..!


Added with a 30-min treatment to moisturiser and soften the hair, the result is a nice, luscious crowning glory!

Country club chic, perhaps?

Overheard at lunch between two ladies at an upmarket bistro today about country club chic. Yes, that’s right. Good eats welcome people who dress right. On cruises and various holiday spots, we will need the right clothes and accessories.

In fact, the lady said to have the right accessories to look rich.

Here we have the very picture of country club chic from One Who Lunches:


The look:
Chic side braid
Eye-catching chunky bead necklace
Carrie K silver earrings

Long bob love!

I’m not very adventurous with my haircuts, so with a few more days before Chinese New Year, I decided to tame my mane and got a quick update at my new found “go-to” salon and stylist: Nelson Choi at Etude Lounge in Korea Town. I’m a big believer in the importance of having a stylist that can deal with your ethnic hair type, because I’ve had way too many bad haircuts from non-Asian stylists – unfortunate coincidence, perhaps.


The BFF said I looked like I was “chanelling my inner Victoria Beckham” with this picture. I guess I can’t disagree. It’s my ‘I-hate-being-stuck-in-traffic’ face.

Gotta say, for the first time in my life, I’m actually loving my hair even days after I leave the salon. Yaay!

More Hair Bling

While we’re talking about things in our hair, this is what I wore on a recent outing with A:


More sparkles in my hair! (My mother always says my tastes haven’t progressed much since I was 4 years old, but what can I say, I just have a sparkly personality!)

Bling my Hair!

Hello Closettes! I know I’ve been missing for the past couple of weeks – have been caught up in my brother-in-law’s wedding festivities (yes, yes, blame it all on the in-laws). But with a wedding comes dressing up!


Enter hair jewellery!

I’ve had these pins for a while, and thought what better occasion to bring out the bling than at a wedding. So I handed them over to the hairdresser and asked her if she could incorporate them into whatever hairstyle she was planning on giving me.

Happily she complied:


As a bonus, I shall treat you all to a lousy picture I took in an attempt to show you guys what the entire hairstyle was (a half-up ponytail with all the loose hair curled)


Mane Concerns

I dropped in on my nieces a couple of days ago, springing a surprise while they vacationed at a beach house. Out of curiosity, I tried my sis-in-law’s vegan “Swimmer’s Shampoo” and conditioner, and unfortunately, my hair just looked like a frazzled mess after it air-dried, quite unlike the manageable outcome when I use my own Nexxus shampoo & conditioner:

Thankfully I purchase them from Costco, so these salon-sized bottles literally last me a year! Great value despite the steeper-than-usual price tag.

And since I now sport a shorter ‘do compared to the days of long tresses, I also use a flat iron (ceramic ion, at least, to minimize damage) to keep my hair sleek and presentable. I use this Redken heat protector, and I’m rather impressed that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue – neither on my hands or hair – and smells really good. Mmm!

When all’s said & done, I’m just glad the dry weather here in Los Angeles agree with my hair, compared to the humid climes of Singapore!