Window-shopping: Nordstrom Rack

I (still) have been thinking about that pair of red Diane Von Furstenberg boots, so today when we drove by Nordstrom Rack, The Husband insisted that we stop to check, “just in case”.

Needless to say, it was gone. But just for fun, I tried on a few other pairs of shoes in the Clearance section:

Can someone say “stripper shoes”?!

These were so ridiculous that I just had to try them on.

I actually like the braided t-strap on these Steve Madden espadrilles, and hey, they match my toes (“Big Apple Red” by OPI). They were a tad too big, and well, I didn’t think they were worth $49.

These are Michael Kors platform booties in cognac for $60! They were actually very comfy and I’m a big fan of stacked heels. That said, I somehow kept thinking of the 1970s as I wore them, and even broke out singing some Bee Gees + dance moves (3:33 onwards if you love yourself some Travolta magic).

These two-toned pumps by Via Spiga were pretty cool, but without a corporate job, I don’t really have much opportunity to wear them.

I also tried on a pair of Calvin Klein pumps and were completely blown away by how comfortable the padded insole and outer rubber outsole was. If I had needed a pair of black pumps, I would have totally bought them! (In retrospect, I guess my 8 year old Nine West pair has seen better days, and I would have thrown them out if not for the fact that I only wear them on plane rides!)

So in the end, I left empty-handed, while The Husband picked up a basic Kenneth Cole leather belt for $12.99. Good news for the wallet!

Delicious Maple

With everyone talking about camel-colored shoes lately (here, here, and here), I spotted this pair on that I really like – but have no justification to purchase. Los Angeles doesn’t really get THAT much boot-wearing weather.

I love that the color is called “Maple Sugar”. Sounds delish, and probably more appropriate for maple-producing Canada…

(Only 1 left in stock, and in MY SIZE?! GASP!)


Metro Fashion Police

Seen at the station on the way to work this morning:


Why slippers to work¡??!

It’s something comfortable, yes I get that. And you are taking public transport, I understand too, so you have to stand through your journey and take a long walk to the office building. But do you really have to wear your Havaianas with your office clothes to work? Hmm… I am not sure. There has to be comfortable loafers or flats out there, right?

I see college kids going to their campus in the city university, with their tshirts, short shorts and Havaianas and I already have to hold my tongue…but with officewear?? Big N-O.

Leave the Havaianas at home, please. It’s beachwear.

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