companions on the journey

My new found love….

Running shoes from Asics

Jelly flats from Ferragamo

*sings* These shoes are made for walking (and running), and that’s what they’ll do… lalalalalalalala

p/s: Please pardon the unsightly pictures of my fat feet


Yes, I’ve been bitten yesterday… bought my first pair of croc[odile]s. Ok I know I know… I’m being super corny here. Not funny 😛

I’ve always thought that crocs were for those neighbourhood aunties and school kids and had never given them much considerations. I guess I was wrong! They’ve clearly improved and expanded their designs over the years… so gone are the big ugly holey rounded fronts with rubber sling-back. What’s more, they’re indeed rather comfy, and come in bright cheery colours which are perfect for summer.

Now say hello to the latest addition to my shoes collection.

*disclaimer: actually the big ugly holey rounded fronts with rubber sling-back design is still around, just that I’m not interested in those 😛

summer flats

Flats and I are usually not the best of friends. I prefer my heels anytime as they not only elevate my height, they also make my thunder thighs look slightly less thunderous. But I must admit that one should have at least a couple pairs of comfy flats for days when you get lazy, tired, or simply for travelling.

With this justification, I began my hunt for the perfect pair of summer flats which will fit my flat feet properly. After months of searching, I finally found this from Nine West:

I love the sunshine colour! Makes one happy wearing them 🙂