beauty is not for the lazy

There’s a Chinese saying that goes “there is no ugly woman, only lazy one”. There can’t be any more truth to this.

So I recently started this almost military-style beauty regime which has since kept my skin extremely happy. My beautician who threads my brows even commented that my face has become more radiant recently! *yay*

What is this regimental process? Well, it’s basically a a simple step of putting on a paper mask every night. I’ll wash off the residue after 20 mins of masking, and apply my night serum and cream before heading to head. Yes, it’s really not that miraculous, but it does require a level of commitment to execute it.

The masks which I’ve been using are:

  • My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. They’ve got a pretty extensive range that’s supposed to boost your skin in different manner and I usually rotate the variety on a daily basis. My favourites from the range are the Black Pearl, the Imperial Bird’s Nest and the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing


  • Leaders Insolution, a Korean brand. What I like about this brand is that their masks are the hydrogel type so it fits snugly on your face. I’ve only tried the Aquaringer which is supposed to hydrate the skin, and the Meta-Tox which is used to brighten the skin. The only downside about this brand is that they’re freaking expensive. They cost double of My Beauty Diary; so I only use them once a week.


Hopefully these provide good tips for better and more radiant skin. Now let’s abandon laziness and strive toward a more beautiful us together!


Clearing facial debris

I was in Bangkok last weekend for a stretch of 5 days bumming around the bustling, crowded city enjoying the sights, sounds and smells. Midway, though, my face started spotting tiny oil clots.

I suspected that it was a due to the dry air in the air-conditioned room, sweat from walking around in the humidity during the day AND the fumes and dust from the very heavy traffic I walked with daily.

Back home, I would use the usual lotion cleanser to clean and tiny flakes would soon appear as I massaged the lotion into the skin.

With all that rubbing, more oil clots appeared. The skin was over-stimulated. Sigh.

So, today, I decided to get rid of the dead skin cells using yoghurt.

Took a teaspoon of plain, low-fat yoghurt from my fridge and pasted it all over my cleansed face.

Rested for 10 mins to let the yoghurt work it’s magic, I then cleaned it off with just water and a cotton pad.

My face looked lighter and clearer! Finer pores too, especially the nose area! More info about yoghurt as a facial in this article

I ended the DIY facial with a mask from my stash of My Beauty Diary disposable masks.

Let’s hope that this mini-facial works!

Mini Toner Facial

Looked into the bathroom mirror under the harsh white light at my complexion, I noticed that the faint freckles and darker patches on both sides of the face, on cheeckbones, were more obvious. The entire face was lighter and the pore tighter. Overall, smoother and healthier.

* * * * *

The night before, I had done a mini-facial at home (because thanks to the pre Chinese New Year frenzy, I couldn’t get an appointment at my usual salon!!).

I cleansed with the usual cream cleaser, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E cream cleaser, followed by a light scrub.

Then I was ready for my mask: A lot of toner (The Body Shop’s Shiso White toner) on a tiny and compact facial sheet (from Muji).

Once the sheet was soaked through, carefully opened up and placed onto my face.

(What follows was a lot of Angry Birding and Youtubing on the iPad. )

About 30mins later, peeled off mask and lighly massaged face. Rinsed off with water. (I know this isn’t neccessary but I can’t deal with it.)

Pat dry and moisturised with one of my favourite facial oil, Suki’s carrot facial oil for dry-combination skin.



* * * * *

Next day, voila! Better-looking skin and no icky, taut feeling! *happy*

Review: SK-II Spa Singapore

My recent beach-centric vacation has left me with a killer golden tan, but alas, also worsened the pigmentation and freckles on my cheeks. So today, seeking some respite from the hectic visiting of the past week and taking advantage of a $50-off promo for first time customers, I headed over to the newest branch of the SK-II Boutique Spa for some literal face-saving.


I arrived and was warmly welcomed, given a tour of the facility, and served a delicious hot lemongrass tea drink. In Singapore where customer service is often lacking, I certainly had set my expectations pretty low, but I was wrong.

I then spent the next half hour having a skin analysis done, where the consultant seemed genuinely interested in addressing my key concerns, providing patient counsel, and also took time to understand my lifestyle and home skincare regime. I was surprised at how candid she was about what SK-II could and couldn’t do for me, and in discussing other possible aesthetic procedures with a dermatologist, she even offered suggestions on complementary SK-II facial treatments & products.


I found a very cozy SK-II robe cinched with what looked to be a Hermes twillys, and laid down on the truly comfortable “Senzational bed”, covered with a goose-down duvet. Unlike the usual spa beds which are just utilitarian, these beds were indeed fluffy enough for a good night’s sleep. Mmmmmm….


The facial itself was pretty good, including the most painless extraction I ever experienced. The 90 minutes flew by, and I was certainly dismayed to know that it was over.


There was a small vanity area that, surprise surprise, had SK-II cosmetics! I realized that these aren’t even available on the SK-II USA website! There was the powder foundation infused with Cellumination Essence, and also (pictured) is this UV loose powder. Of course, I tried them out, though they didn’t feel any different than regular make-up products.

Ending the session with more lemongrass tea and some cookies which I didn’t try.

I was extremely impressed that my facial therapist was very thorough in the “post-mortem”, answering my myriad of questions on SK-II products, coming up with a detailed home regime plan WITHOUT pushing products on me, and laid out a proposed skincare plan.

My skin was very soft, and for once, the usually enlarged and visible pores around my nose were completely gone. I was shocked, because I never thought that could be possible. There was a definite glow & radiance about my skin, thanks to the copious amount of SK-II products meticulously massaged into my skin.

I was surprised that I even went home with a generous range of samples, which I certainly was thankful for, because, after experiencing some of the wonders of SK-II, I’m seriously considering acquiring some of their products! (OH NO!)

I highly recommend the SK-II Boutique Spa, as a veritable splurge, a decadent indulgence. It’s definitely worth the expense!


Now for the sad part: There’s no SK-II Boutique Spa in Los Angeles! (And if anyone has good facial recommendations in LA, please let me know!)