Loving Naked!

I’m so late in the game. I’ve had Urban Decay’s Naked Palette for a while now. It’s barely used but when I really need to get dolled up, it’s the best thing ever!

For my eyes this morning, I went with a simple brown-gold-midnight blue combination to go with my peach blusher and cherry lips. All to go with my cobalt blue dress.


The Naked Palette. I picked “virgin” for under the eyebrows, “half-baked” for most of the eye, “toasted” on the corners and up, finished off with “gunmetal” to give more definition to the eyes.

I needed light-looking eyes to complement the deeper cherry lips.


blending matters!

Hello Closettes!

It’s been a while since I last posted about eye make-up… actually, it’s been a while since I posted anything. Period!

I tried this new blending technique yesterday and thought I share this 🙂


Step 1: Apply a base on the eyelid (it can be any nude-ish colour). Start from the eyelash bone to the crease line (where the double eyelid sets in)

Step 2: Apply the light grey shadown, Start from the inner corner of the eye and brush outwards. Do not cross the crease line of the eyelid

Step 3: Apply the dark grey shadow. Start from the outer corner of the eye and brush inwards. Stop at the middle of the eye (where the pupils are)

Step 4: Blend the light and dark grey shadows so that they don’t look like water colours gone wrong

Step 5: Accentuate the eyes further with a dark brown eyeliner and mascara. If you’re up for it, you might even want to try using the eyeliner on the lower lids.

Step 6: Highlight the brow bone area with a pink shimmery eye shadow

There you go… quick steps to more beautiful eyes!  And of course you can replace the colours with whatever that suits your mood for the day once you master the blending technique.


Experimented with this new eyeliner which I bought from Korea..

This green eyeliner was actually a pleasant mistake…  I had wanted to get a blue eyeliner and had paid for the product without checking. It was only when I got back to Singapore that I realised that the colour was wrong. But all’s too late! Since then, I procrastinated in opening it. I finally decided to experiment on the colour after about 6 months and was super pleased with the effect 🙂

Eye make-up details: Beige eyeshadow base by Christian Dior, Green eyeliner by CLIO (Korean brand), Metallic Brown eye shadow by Shu Uemura, Virtuose  Precious Cells mascara by Lancome.

Ain’t eye pretty

If you recall, a while back I wrote about different styles of doing eye make-up. I’d actually then embarked upon some human experimentation, by trying on those looks, and then taking pictures of the styles that actually made it to the outside world.

Without further ado:

1. Purple all over: Purple eyeliner on upper lid, purple eyeshadow below lower lash line


2. Blackandyellow: Black eyeliner with yellow eyeshadow under lash line (this is my new favourite, it really makes the eyes look brighter)


3. Not-so-subtle: Black eyeliner with a holy crap that’s bright turquoise eyeliner lining the bottom lash line. (I assure you, this one gets attention)