the ribbon of happiness

I’ve always wanted to get a nice sling bag. You know, that one bag which you can carry to parties, midnight movies, brunch, events, wedding dinners, etc. And so I began my journey hunting for that perfect sling bag. I had originally set my eyes on the Chanel mini flap bag, but after countless attempts to beat the crazy queues (yes, we queue for everything in Singapore) to get into the Chanel store; and the multiple futile visits to duty-free stores at various airports, I decided that we’re just not fated to be. That said, I still wasn’t prepared to give up hopes on getting that one sling bag.

So one Friday evening, after dinner with the Atas sister, we decided to pop into my favourite (and trusty) ferragamo outlet at Paragon (after the fruitless attempt to queue at Chanel). To my pleasant surprise, that perfect sling bag, a new collection nonetheless, was sitting in the shop, waiting patiently for me.

And so…. presenting the leetle ribbon of happiness….

I went home a happy girl having paid 1/3 the price that I had originally budgeted for this sling of joy.

I went home a happy girl having paid 1/3 the price that I had originally budgeted for this sling of joy.

The beauty of florals

I apologise for the overdue post… *ashamed*

Attended a wedding party yesterday and thought I’ll go in a long dress since most of the guests will be in long outfits too. Heehee, made the right choice! Decided to go with a mint green chiffon dress that was purchased at Bangkok during my last visit. And because it was a Saturday, I was feeling lazy and decided to go in nude ballet flats, paired with a brown clutch. Plus my pretty Swarovski birthday earrings, and here’s the result!

And ahem, the photographer squatted and took this photo which gave the illusion that I’ve legs that go on forever and ever… wheeeee!!!

Earthy Tones

Today, there’s a need to dress to impress a visiting client for an upcoming project.

Decided that subtle and muted tones would be elegant and classy.

Today’s ensemble:
~ Baby peach coloured blouse
~ Pants in light khaki (had bought these pants as part of a suit back in ealy 2000s in Denver from Petite Sophisticates. Really well-tailored clothes)
~ Sensible shoes with the pop of colour
~ Yellow-green peridot ring i had commissioned back in the mid 2000s.



(update: the meeting went ok but at dinner, a piece of errant meat flew outta my plate and landed on my pants. *sob* hope the dry cleaners can do magic! )

Birthday earrings!!

And yours truly turns an official 31 today. There were no sad thoughts of “ack, one year older!” or “everything starts to sag now!” when I woke up this morning. Like the past years, I’m just grateful that I’ve lived well, loved well and behaved well (haha) in the past one year. More about birthday thoughts in the personal blog (for those of you who know the URL, swing over soon!).

So, birthday celebrations started last night with a dinner with the BF. And I do have to give him credit for effort. Many surprises were planned, and while he said these are nothing spectacular, everything just came together nicely and I was a happy trooper last night.

Check out birthday earrings below!

With a lovely blue-purple stone in the middle *hearts*

And now, a close-up shot.


Long dresses are so fashionable

Tadaaaaa! Presenting the dress that I wore to the wedding yesterday. Elegant with a touch of class. Paired with a pair of nude slingbacks and clutch. And bling. Voila! (and I received compliments too! with one saying I looked beautiful…awwwww). I was probably the only one in a cheerful floral dress amongst the sea of blacks and erm, more blacks.

Dress from Warehouse at a discount. Loves it when I buy sale items!!

Cheap & Chic

Today is July 3rd, which means tomorrow marks another year of marriage for the Hubs and I. Keeping with our tradition of having a photo session done every year, we have been thinking of themes/ideas for a shoot, and of course, that means having to decide on outfits too. Groaaaaan… What to wear, what to wear?

We’re planning on 1 dressy and 1 casual outfit, and today I happened to pass a Forever 21, so I figured I should check it out. I haven’t had much luck with clothing purchases there, save for the $2 basic camisoles, so I was surprised I actually bought this long dress ($27.90):

Wearing a hat + ponytail because I was having a really bad hair day.
Shoes by Steve Madden Luxe. Purchased for about $19 last year, marked down from $150.

Back view.

I’m undecided about shoes, and need to figure out some accessories.

On a separate note, when I ducked into H&M with the Husband to try and find a chambray shirt for him, I realized that the summery dress I had tried on a couple of weeks ago is now on sale! Unfortunately there weren’t any blue ones left, so, despite my initial reservations, I purchased one in black.

On a whim, I tried them with my summery yellow shoes, and they actually look pretty good!

$7 for a dress makes me happy! 🙂

Now, all I need to do is find a second casual outfit for our anniversary shoot!

Ironing is for wimps

snubbed Miss Small White Skinny as she pulled out from The Magic Closet #1001 the newly minted Depression. it is a a lovely lycra-infused long tee with side slips to the ankles.

v modern, v contemporary.

it goes from office to cocktail without a change. (well, only with the right shoes and accessories)

Ms SWS paired this with her kitten platforms from, of all places, Charles & Keith.

and the elegantly grunge pearl necklace from CarrieK.