Funky Monday

Dressed up for a cloudy Monday in a new piece of OwnMuse dress. It was a short, sassy dress made of light poly–linen (i think) and silk. I liked it immediately when I saw it on the rack. Guess it was the great mix of fabrics, the prim-and-properness of the long sleeves and cuffs juxtaposed with the short, uneven hem line that rocked this dress.



It went great with my new duo-tone nails.



Mondays are just so much more bearable with funky nails and happy dresses.

Spotted in Malaysia

The notice for safe travel on escalators is uniquely Malaysian: mommy in baju kurong with little girl with a ribbon in her hair.


According to Wikipedia, Baju Kurung is a Malay traditional dress loosely translated as “enclosed dress”. I love its graceful looks. I like it even better when Chinese ladies in Malaysia also wear baju kurung to work. That was in the 90s. Seated at the lobby of an office block watching ppl go by for lunch today, sadly, I only saw the usual boring suits, shirts, pants n dresses among women of all races. It’s a shame.

The season of goodbyes

Lots of people leaving the organization recently and lots of farewell presents to buy. Yesterday a colleague (a mom of 2) who is serving her last day at work today came into the office in a dress. I have never seen her in one the past 5 yrs and she looked great in it. Apparently it was something she owned 9 years ago and have not worn it since her 8 yr old was born. And he picked the outfit for her yesterday.

Anyhow, to nudge her along the road of dresses, we decided to buy her two as farewell gifts – so she can be the leisurely yummy mummy while she’s on a break from work. And here I am, modeling them in the dressing room.

Left: beige cotton shirt dress from Mango. Right: teal knit dress from Esprit.


I gotta try them to see if they would fit her!!

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Peplum on Small White Skinny

I spent most of 2012 dodging peplums. It is a fad, I reasoned with myself, and you don’t want to be stuck with a has-been, I said.

Well, come 2013, it is still around. Plus, I found one that fit just nicely in a fabric that I could roll up and pack on work trips. (note: work dressing in major Asian cities still require women to be in skirts and stockings. I had already ditched stockings but kept conservative dresses for for trips.)

Here is a white dress from Joop with a large comfy cardi because I had a cold.


Up close, here is what the dress looked like without the cardi.


Simple outfit for work. Only drawback is that I feel conscious about wearing a fitted white dress. Made sure that I didn’t slouch or have a pooch in that outfit!

The ‘Prosperous’ look for the Lunar New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year today and as with previous years, my family will make a conscious effort to visit our relatives all decked out in new outfits. While my parents are not that superstitious, they do ask that we (sisters and me) dress up in bright colours to usher in the new year. And I must agree, it does make one feel happier when you are dressed in cheery colours!

So here’s my choice of outfit for today – a bright red dress with gold studs from Mango, complete with camel colour shoes from Charles & Keith and beige handbag from some blog shop. Very prosperous looking, and very well-liked by the elders!!

Best of all, this dress is loose enough to hide the tummy and I could still stuff my face with all the yummy goodies!

Best of all, this dress is loose enough to hide the tummy and I could still stuff my face with all the yummy goodies!

A month of four weddings

Hi hi it’s been so long and as always life took over.

I have been attending wedding after wedding, practically since the start of the year. Received invites for five but could only attend four… And already I was running out of things to wear. You know how it is – you try not to make a ‘repeat performance’ of the same outfit with the same circle of friends/colleagues. I finally ran out of dresses, and as part of my self-imposed austerity drive I raided Ms Dressy‘s wardrobe for an outfit for the last wedding dinner, out of desperation (thank you!).

So here it is: a visual summary of what I wore…


(From left, clockwise) Ms Dressy’s electric blue flowery long dress; my favourite Calvin Klein red satin toga cocktail dress which I snagged at a Las Vegas outlet store 3 years ago while visiting MonoChameleon. It’s the best dress to wear for a wedding dinner cos there’s enough room for food =); my Coast gunmetal grey bustier dress with floral details; the Duchess Kate-inspired outfit and the last two pictures are my cheongsam-like pale yellow shantung silk dress with cowl collar, which I designed and had my mom’s seamstress sew. It was my Lunar New Year outfit a couple of years ago, and I thought it was elegant and appropriate enough for me to wear it as I was cantoring at the wedding mass.

This is The Year of Weddings and i have another two invites in April and possibly one more in November. More time to think about what to wear, and perhaps I gotta visit Ms Dressy again soon =l

P/S: by the way, how do you like the treatment of my photos? Am playing around with the “Paper Artist” photo editor software that I just discovered on my Samsung Galaxy.

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Reversible dresses!

My cousin is getting married today and we (parents plus sisters) trooped happily to her home for the traditional tea ceremony. My sisters were dressed in salmon pink and beige. I was dressed in pink.I didn’t plan to wear the dress that I wore as the original choice was a long pale yellow chiffon dress. But changed my mind when I thought it might be a little too dressy for a morning function. Panicked a little and opened my wardrobe, stared hard and aha! Plucked out a dress that I bought online a year ago (never worn before!) and decided that it’s time for it to make an appearance to the world today.

It’s a reversible dress. Meaning, I could wear it in pink with a navy blue lining or wear it in navy with pink underneath! Very versatile, and totally wearable depending on my mood for the day. And it comes with a matching sash worn around the waist too. I personally like the blue look but since the colour theme for the day was pink/beige/gold, I went with the pink look instead.

Pardon the bad photos below…

Look #1: pink

Look #1: pink

Look #2: Navy

Look #2: Navy



Duchess Kate came and left our fair shores and is still on the Jubilee Tour, putting on a brave front despite the latest controversy emerging from Europe. (someone should really lock those paparazzi in jail!)

Her short visit has given women like Miss Dressy and I new inspiration for our dresses in the wardrobe. Here are two of my outfits from last week that were Kate-inspired:

(Right) Flowy dress with floral imprints, own creation (more of that in another post), beige fabric belt from Zipia (part of my pleated beige dress), shoes courtesy of HRH Poppie the Lofty (do you remember?), The Bag (yes this is the front view!). Pearl drop-earrings from Chomel.

(Left) Flower pattern dress from Zara, blue belt and (new!) blue bag from Zipia, patented leather shoes  from an outlet store in Hokkaido, in robin egg blue (hey, it’s a new term I learnt from St. James Palace’s media release :)). Earrings, own creation.

And yes, those are curls on my head – temporary ones that my hairstylist did while having fun blow drying my hair.

 I love how Kate’s elegance is giving the British monarchy a new touch of glamour (and her husband doesn’t seem to mind at all). It’s such a positive thing for the Royal Family, and this young couple is a real asset to the UK. Yes, Kate might not have spoken much so far, but Diana didn’t start off saying much either. Hopefully, Kate will transcend beyond the glamour, find her feet soon enough to exert real positive influence through the things she’ll do.

To me, Will & Kate’s fairytale seems similar to his parents’ at the beginning of their marriage, but it feels like this time round they may just have gotten the script right. For their sake, I pray this fairytale lasts.

V&A Wedding Dress exhibition @ National Museum

I visited ‘The Wedding Dress: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’ at the National Museum of Singapore Friday night, and found the collection to be fascinating: the wedding dress is timeless in many ways, but it also evolves according to its time and the choice of the wearer. Here are some of the dresses that I liked:

My absolute favourite of the entire collection (left), this modern, simple yet elegant piece is actually from 1934. Timeless! I’m sure no one would guess it’s an old dress if some bride today decided to wear this for her wedding.

This (right) is from the 60s, as you may have guessed from the skirt length. I’ve always questioned my mom about her nagging me on skirt lengths. C’mon, look at how short the skirts were back then! I think the bride paired this with boots, which is cool. I really like the silver trimmings – made the dress look futuristic.

This is the centerpiece of the exhibition (left), from 1933. The billowing sleeves, intricate beadings and lace and the long, long train probably made this every princes-bride’s fairytale dress.

Gwen Stefani’s dress (below), designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior. I still like wedding dresses in white but it is Gwen Stefani, hallo! The gown didn’t look much on the mannequin, but when I googled and saw a picture of her in the gown…. 🙂 I think only someone like her who has that much style can pull off such a gown.

A wedding gown exhibition cannot NOT have a Vera Wang, the quintessential wedding  gown designer. This one (right) is from the 90s – probably one of her earlier creation. Think the bride wore flip flops at her wedding….!

This one (above) is from the 19th century… and it really don’t look much different from some of the more traditional gowns of today. Look at the detailing of the lace!

Koreanoona cannot go without talking about shoes!

This pair of wedding shoes (right) is from the turn of the century.

There’s also a collection of wedding dresses from various cultures in Singapore. For me, these two stood out:

– Gold sari paired with a western-styled veil (middle). This was worn by an Indian Christian lady in the 1950s.

A very recent gown from 2011 (right), a simple bustier with nice flower details at the back. By local designer Peter Kor.

Lastly, a nice little quote…

If you wanna catch it, the exhibition’s on till 31 Oct. There’s an admission fee for it – I think it’s $16.

Feeling Floral

Thot i would jazz up a busy Monday w brights and florals.

And the fact that this dress needed no ironing totally fitted the oh-damn-i-didnt-do-laundry-this-weekend bill.


I liked the fact that the bow brings attention from my waistless body.

In fact, i walked in to office and was greeted with “hey, nice bow!”. Says a lot for my looks, i guess.