Phillip Lim for Target: Sequin Dress

I find that most of my clothing purchases happening innocuously enough, when I am completely not intending to buy anything! Case in point, I made a 10pm run to Target for toilet paper (yes, how glamorous…) and ended up leaving with a Phillip Lim dress for $34.

It is navy blue, a light chiffon material that makes the asymmetrical hem swirl as one walks, and has a bold splash of sequins on the toga-inspired front, and the back:



I grabbed my new nude peeptoes only because they were the most accessible pair in my closet. I would probably wear these with darker shoes.

Sequins! The husband, upon seeing the dress, asked “Have you ever owned anything with SEQUINS before?!”

A better representation by the models

It’s still $74.99 online.

This would be a perfect “wedding guest dress”, if not for the fact that I never attend weddings as a guest…. Maybe I’ll wear this to Vegas next month!

New Finds At A Fashion Emporium

I popped into this year’s Blueprint, an emporium for new local and foreign designers, at the F1 Pit Building in Singapore.

Had gone to the emporium last year and find myself a lot of new bands and designs. Also bought a lot last year.

This time, I decided to set myself a strict budget. If there’s anything that I’m undecided about, I shall leave it for the next day. I figured that if I really like something, I’ll be thinking about all day and night… and then I shld get it.

So, with a tight budget of S$200, I took my time to slowly browsed through the emporium and chatted with people about their designs – from shoes to bags to jewelry to clothes.

After 3 hours, I came away with 2 items from OwnMuse Singapore. I had bought from the brand before and really liked their simple designs. Simple yet unique. (Ahead of the trip, I had emailed the dynamic duo behind OwnMuse, Shu Juang and Johanna, and they gave me their booth location.)


I bought a silk short sleeve blouse (looks like a tee shirt that I can wear dress up our down) and a uber cool drape dress in black and orange.

Here’s what the drape dress look like on a tall lanky model:


(Picture taken off OwnMuse’s fb page)

These were past season’s clothes but I figured I could still get a lot of mileage from these. At a hefty discount for this event, I certainly didn’t go above my budget. Yay!

Dress for my fugly shoes

Very oddly, while out on an expedition for a pair of comfy black heels, I was.charmed by a pair of plain black fugly shoes.


Above: left – a pair of Geox ballet flats, right – a pair of the Muji shoes.

These shoes from Muji would complement the iliane Loeb dress at Uniqlo.


Above: Dress taken off Uniqlo’s website.


The white strips brought down any reservations about the combination of black and blue.

That Yellow Dress

MonoChameleon wanted a closer look at those dresses I wore at the weddings. Well, here is one of them and a little about that yellow dress.


You see, I am my mom’s unofficial dresser. She’s short and plump and has difficulty finding suitable clothes off the rack. So she tailors the 2-piece dress suits that she wears to church every Sunday and during special occasions like Christmas or Lunar New Year. And I am her fabric shopper and designer. Together with her seamstress, we’ll plough through pattern book after pattern book for a suitable design. Honestly, the variations are really at the collars, button details and sleeves. But it’s fun.

One year, while we were out fabric shopping for LNY, we chanced upon this nice brownish-grey shantung silk material with lovely blue flowers (top left) . I fell in love with it instantly and decided that my mom had to buy it for her dress. The shop lady brought out another fabric of the same design – pale yellow with light peach flowers (centre) . Gorgeous! It was too hard to resist so I ended up buying it. I decided to make mine into a pseudo cheongsam – with a slit on the left of the skirt and cowl neckline, just to give it a modern twist. My mom’s suit had sweetheart neckline with faux pearl buttons. Really happy with how they turned out.

Just hoping to keep at this size so that I can wear my pseudo cheongsam for a few more years.

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Dreaming cheongsams

Been in a festive mood and looking at cheongsams online. My sister just helped me order an affordable one from Gmarket (no worries, I will debut it on this blog when I receive it).

In the meantime, I have been thinking about the evolution of cheongsam/qipaos. Whether it be the traditional cut or a modern twist, this beautiful Chinese dress deserve more airtime than the annual Lunar New Year, or as a wedding dress. But I guess, because it is so expensive to tailor a well-fitted one, the cheongsam naturally become prized possessions which women only wear sparingly.

Felt artistic tonight and decided to sketch my own version of a modern cheongsam, complete with poofy skirt. For the material, I took a lead from a brown-and-pink fabric ring that I bought at last year’s Arts Festival flea market.

What do you think?


*scheming about how I can make this a reality at an affordable price*

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My first red

Here’s my Lunar New Year Day 2 dress… My first full red dress in 38 years of new year celebration.


Pleated red dress with slim beige belt and matching beige shoes.

My mom, who is not the most thrilled with the colour red, exclaimed, “wah” disapprovingly.

But it looks like it’s not chasing away the unusually chilly weather here. It’s pouring again outside!

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Reflection on Chinese New Year


Happy chinese new year, everyone!

K-noona in one of her brighter outfits on the first day of the lunar new year. Paired with a black belt and my Jim Thompson cheery flower bag.

Flair skirts are the best for gorging on festive goodies while out visiting relatives.

Have a swell time, all!

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The beauty of florals

I apologise for the overdue post… *ashamed*

Attended a wedding party yesterday and thought I’ll go in a long dress since most of the guests will be in long outfits too. Heehee, made the right choice! Decided to go with a mint green chiffon dress that was purchased at Bangkok during my last visit. And because it was a Saturday, I was feeling lazy and decided to go in nude ballet flats, paired with a brown clutch. Plus my pretty Swarovski birthday earrings, and here’s the result!

And ahem, the photographer squatted and took this photo which gave the illusion that I’ve legs that go on forever and ever… wheeeee!!!

What do you guys think?

Was walking around at Robinsons and tried a Coast dress. You guys know I love Coast dresses, right? So I tried a bronze coloured dress…


It’s retailing at $337, with a 5% discount. Beefy feels it’s waaay overpriced, and I have to agree…

What do you guys say?

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Grown-up Dots Reinterpreted

Apparently, my mom had put out on the bed a blue tee shirt for the 2 year old. The Tiny One pointed to the offending item: “Don’t want. Throw away!”

Poor Granny had to find a pink tee shirt instead.

Today, at dinner, I pointed to her 17 year old Boy Cousin’s phone pouch (pink) which she wanted. His jeans, no, she didn’t want.

What about Girl Cousin’s dark blue dress with white polka dots?


She toddled over and scrutinised the dress all over. Finally, she smiled, yes!


I would too if they have my size!

A Night Out

Melody Gardot played at The Orpheum Theater tonight, one of Los Angeles’ most beautiful historic venues, and we had 6th row tickets! Yaay!

Dress: Purchased in Singapore for about $50: a sweetheart neckline tube dress with batik strips accentuating the bodice / bust.

Shoes: My current faves: Enzo Angiolini heels I scored for $27 at DSW.

Purse: Faux snakeskin clutch also purchased in Singapore for something ridiculous like $3 after I used a bunch of gift cards (“vouchers”) I redeemed using points from my internet service provider.

Earrings: $7.99 from Burlington Coat Factory.

I like having reason to dress up!

Stay Real

My love for talented singer/men/hunks isn’t just confined to the Korean peninsula, as The MD and LeetleMissAtas can attest to.

I love Taiwanese rock band Mayday.

The band’s lead singer, Ah Xing co-owns a T-shirt design co called Stay Real, and I really like their T-shirt dresses. They are comfy, and have nice, quirky slogans and drawings on them. So when a friend of mine went to Taipei earlier this year, I loaded her with buying list of 8 T-shirt dresses (5 for myself and 3 for my sis the Catwoman). My goodness, I spent nearly SG$300 on T-shirts! Can’t believe my momentary insanity.

But here they are…

I am debuting them sparingly, hence some are still in the bags