beauty is not for the lazy

There’s a Chinese saying that goes “there is no ugly woman, only lazy one”. There can’t be any more truth to this.

So I recently started this almost military-style beauty regime which has since kept my skin extremely happy. My beautician who threads my brows even commented that my face has become more radiant recently! *yay*

What is this regimental process? Well, it’s basically a a simple step of putting on a paper mask every night. I’ll wash off the residue after 20 mins of masking, and apply my night serum and cream before heading to head. Yes, it’s really not that miraculous, but it does require a level of commitment to execute it.

The masks which I’ve been using are:

  • My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. They’ve got a pretty extensive range that’s supposed to boost your skin in different manner and I usually rotate the variety on a daily basis. My favourites from the range are the Black Pearl, the Imperial Bird’s Nest and the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing


  • Leaders Insolution, a Korean brand. What I like about this brand is that their masks are the hydrogel type so it fits snugly on your face. I’ve only tried the Aquaringer which is supposed to hydrate the skin, and the Meta-Tox which is used to brighten the skin. The only downside about this brand is that they’re freaking expensive. They cost double of My Beauty Diary; so I only use them once a week.


Hopefully these provide good tips for better and more radiant skin. Now let’s abandon laziness and strive toward a more beautiful us together!


DIY cut

Had a particularly nasty long weekend and have been feeling under the weather the past week.

Woke up this morning and saw the mess that is my hair. Decided to give myself a hair wash, a fringe cut and spent 10mins on make up and eyeliner.


Think I look less of a Halloween fright.

Daiso mending cloth

Amazing stuff that I just need to share with you guys!

These little sheets of cloth do wonders – they patch rips in your clothes!

I discovered it at Daiso while looking for scrapbooking stuff. They come in different sizes – to patch holes in socks, rips in pants or larger rips. How it works: there is some kinda glue on one side of the cloth which, when you apply heat from an iron on the other side of the cloth, the glue is released and it binds the rip.

These packs I bought have 6 small pieces in different colours. For $2! 🙂

A bit of tagging, ironing and voila! it’s mended the lining in my fav black dress.


After (see the patch cloths?)

After (view from the correct side)

I love Daiso!