Azalea Maxi Dress

In this episode of modeling-clothes-in-my-front-yard, I try on a smocked tube maxi dress by Old Navy ($32). I ordered it online as part of my quest for outfits for our annual photoshoot, and it arrived today.

Since I had decided on using the cheapo Forever21 blue dress, I was prepared to return this. But damn, this is flattering and really comfortable, so… I guess it gets to stay?

The color is Azalea. Cinched with a very old Forever21 belt (about $7?).

Here, paired with the new patterned scarf I recently purchased to cover my hair at a Sikh wedding.

Thank goodness maxi dresses/skirts are in vogue this season! My pudge thanks the fashion gods.

P/S: I don’t usually shop very much, in case my frequent posts with new buys create that impression. It’s just that we’re freshly-headed into a new season, and also because I’m looking for outfits for our anniversary shoot. I hope to put together some reworked mix-and-match ideas from my existing wardrobe in the weeks ahead!

Recycling wardrobes

The Duchess of Cambridge has received a significant amount of attention (in the American media anyways) for daring to wear her outfits more than once (the horror!!). So in a show of solidarity, I decided to re-wear one of my much publicised outfits as well.

One of my wedding outfits in fact! (Yes you read that right…outfitS, plural).

At a family friend’s Mehndi (THE south asian wedding event you actually want to go to, the one with all the singing and dancing), I wore what I wore to my own Mehndi!

The bottom colourful section is actually part of one of the outfits my mother got during her wedding, and the rest of the outfit was made to match that. So while it isn’t as heavy as some of my other ones, it’s one of my favourites cos of the sentimental value of it. (That, and the fact that I had the entire thing made in yellow! My favourite colour!)


Weekend tops

Here’s a pictorial showcase of the tops that 3 Closettes wore for a dinner date (with each other, not new men) last Saturday.

Slouchy rainbow top, worn with grey camisole and skinny navy blue jeans

Off-shoulder black top worn with blue jeans

Whimsical top with polka dots and white jeans (check out the white columns in the background!)



Yes, I’ve been bitten yesterday… bought my first pair of croc[odile]s. Ok I know I know… I’m being super corny here. Not funny 😛

I’ve always thought that crocs were for those neighbourhood aunties and school kids and had never given them much considerations. I guess I was wrong! They’ve clearly improved and expanded their designs over the years… so gone are the big ugly holey rounded fronts with rubber sling-back. What’s more, they’re indeed rather comfy, and come in bright cheery colours which are perfect for summer.

Now say hello to the latest addition to my shoes collection.

*disclaimer: actually the big ugly holey rounded fronts with rubber sling-back design is still around, just that I’m not interested in those 😛


Yours truly has had two rather awful days in a row. So today, while some awfulness was being rectified (iMac being serviced at the Genius Bar), I sought a diversion, something frivolous that would try and dispel some of the “I-want-to-kill-something-NOW-with-my-bare-hands” energy.

So I decided to window shop instead. First stop: Anthropologie. Aaaaah…. and indeed, it soothed the savage beast.

For those not familiar with this store, Anthropologie presents itself as eclectic – almost as if it’s a bohemian-esque thrift store. It makes you think it’s artisan and Fair Trade, even though it’s not. The whole store has a high-end shabby chic look, from the faux distressed floorboards, to the elaborate store displays made out of vintage books.

Anthropologie also focuses on great service. While I was browsing the clearance section with a few items draped on my arm, a staff member asked if I wanted to have a fitting room started for me. I accepted, so she got my name and took the items from me. After I was sated from browsing, I headed to the fitting rooms and found my name written in a pretty script on the mirrored plaque on the door. The entire area was subtly-lit, glowing warmly, with generous sheer drapes adding an ethereal quality to an otherwise utilitarian space. Brilliant retail psychology tactic, lulling you with the luxe treatment so that you may part with your pretty penny.

Along with the outfits I picked out, I found an addition piece of clothing with a tag on it saying “We thought you might like this too.” Smart move, trying to slip in something that they felt fit my ‘style profile’. Though there were a few things I really liked in the store, I didn’t try them on because, well, I obviously have no intention to purchase a $259 dress. So all the following items are from the clearance section.

First up: A twist-front teal top with a braided strap, $29. Usual price $69.
I quite liked this top, and could envision cinching it with a woven belt on a breezy summer day. However, the Size S (above) gaped too much at the armholes. XS was apparently was in-stock at the Beverly Hills outlet and could have it shipped to me for free, but I wasn’t that interested, so I passed.

Next: STRIPES! I am definitely partial to stripey-ness, so I was already hoping this blue/grey off-shoulder combination would work for me. At $19, I was ready to purchase too, so I did. It’s less drab in person, and also fits better than this picture shows.

Of course, the model wears it like this on their website:

I clearly should pick up some posing tips and start practicing my spaced-out look.

Yes. More stripes. This photographs better than in real life. I wasn’t a big fan of the green – reminded me too much of Singapore’s trash cans.

When poking around the stationery section, I saw these “Apparel Tags”. Seems like one would have issues if you have that much clothing that you can’t remember them. Could be useful for a wardrobe assistant on set I guess.

At this point, a quick check at the Apple store showed that the iMac was still in severe triage mode, so I descended from the frou-frou of Anthropologie, to fast & cheap H&M. Literally half the store was on sale, with racks full of $5 dresses, $3 tees, $7 pants, $10 jackets etc.

I quickly perused the super-sale stuff – nothing – and then picked out a few other things to try. No pretty lighting here. Just a harsh halogen beam from above.

Black & White polka-dotted top – $17.
It looks really cool in real life, looks very much like dots made with a Chinese calligraphy brush. I loved the fit, so I bought this, and its counterpart in black too. Yes, yes, I know….

Next: Assymetrial hi-lo maxi-dress. $29.
I’ve been wanting a maxi-dress so bad, but somehow they’re no more to be found?! This one has a high/low hem-line, which really wasn’t flattering for me as it drew attention to my chubby knees and chunky calves.

Blue summer dress with crochet detail. $17.95 I think?
This worked well for my upper body, but where it hits again emphasizes my chubby knees. I never thought I’d hate my knees, but nowadays I do.

I don’t think she would hate her knees.

Lavender/Grey “tulip” dress. $32.95.
My favorite dress of the day. It is such a flattering dress – save for the chubby knees – which can be rectified by wearing suitable high heels. Well, this was too pretty for working in (I wear black dresses every weekend for work), much less for running around in heels with. So… lovely as it was, back to the rack it went.

I picked this out for fun, the dress version of the first top. It’s the same “tulip” cut as the lavender/grey dress above. Shows off the curves nicely while hiding the unflattering bits.

At the end of the day, I acquired 3 tops – which happen to be monochromatic – for under $60. Did not intend to make these purchases, but the what the heck, at least I didn’t kill anyone.

summer flats

Flats and I are usually not the best of friends. I prefer my heels anytime as they not only elevate my height, they also make my thunder thighs look slightly less thunderous. But I must admit that one should have at least a couple pairs of comfy flats for days when you get lazy, tired, or simply for travelling.

With this justification, I began my hunt for the perfect pair of summer flats which will fit my flat feet properly. After months of searching, I finally found this from Nine West:

I love the sunshine colour! Makes one happy wearing them 🙂

Summer Shoes

To prove that this Monochromatic Chameleon isn’t all monochromatic all the time, here’s some brightly-colored footwear that may lend itself well to crisp white capris and *gasp* even white jeans (gifted from a friend who bought them online, only to realize they didn’t fit).

Problem is… all I have are black tops. What do you wear with white bottoms + bright shoes?

“I have nothing to wear!!!”

Red Rosettes. Cork Wedge. Steve Madden. I liked them more when I first bought them last year.

Yellow. Espadrille wedges. Tommy Hilfiger.

Red patent wedges. Some brand called “Nicole”. A steal at $16, full price.
I wear these all year round, especially in winter with a red scarf.

“Ikea yellow” flats. By Söfft.