Cole Haan comfort

I had previously blogged about wearing Cole Haan Nike Air wedges for work, and today at Nordstrom Rack, I chanced upon this other pair of Cole Haan wedges that are slightly different than those I own, but for HALF THE PRICE!


Boring as they are, I simply had to buy them, since my shoes (and feet) are subject to so much abuse, I know I’ll be needing a new pair by early next year, and I couldn’t pass these up at half price.

Hey, at least it’s a tax write-off!

Black Wedges: Work Shoes

Over the last 36 hours, I ordered TWO pairs of black wedges from Zappos, both of which are justified purchases:

My cheapie pair of black patent wedges are finally showing their age, having split a few months ago, and now the sole’s getting pretty worn out. I love the stability and relative comfort of wedges, and these are certainly my go-to shoes for client meetings.

As such, I ordered a replacement pair in the form of Calvin Klein ‘Callie’ wedges in black leather, which were on sale at $69:


I love the height and how sleek & simple they are, and they show the perfect number of toes, haha.

The other pair of wedges I purchased – Cole Haan Air Tali Open Toe Wedge 40 – I’m totally not happy about the price (eeeeeeeeek!), but at least they count as a business expense, i.e.: tax write-off! These shoes are certainly a “need”, not a “want”. They’re not exactly the prettiest footwear, but they did serve me VERY well last year, where, for once, my feet weren’t completely destroyed with blisters & cuts after a long day of work. I highly recommend them if you have a job that requires a lot of walking around / on your feet all day.

Nike Air sole. Best invention EVER in a dress shoe!

Low wedge for greater comfort – completely flat shoes don’t have enough support for my high arches – peep toe for cuteness and breathing room & space, soft supple leather that doesn’t chafe & cut.

The biggest problem is that it seems like Cole Haan is no longer making this exact design: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am almost tempted to buy another pair as backup. Almost, if they weren’t so darn expensive!

Delicious Maple

With everyone talking about camel-colored shoes lately (here, here, and here), I spotted this pair on that I really like – but have no justification to purchase. Los Angeles doesn’t really get THAT much boot-wearing weather.

I love that the color is called “Maple Sugar”. Sounds delish, and probably more appropriate for maple-producing Canada…

(Only 1 left in stock, and in MY SIZE?! GASP!)