Fall for Clinique

I’ve raved about how Clinique’s BB Cream was my best beauty buy of 2012, and today when I needed more, I found myself rewarded with Clinique goodies galore again, thanks to a gift-with-purchase special at Macy’s.

I purchased 1 x BB Cream, and received a whole bunch of stuff:


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Got this last year as a freebie and love it! Great for travel.
Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator: I’m excited to try this, and again, great travel size!
– All About Shadow quad: (Pictured, top right) I had the option for purples or nudes, and I chose nudes.
– Lash Doubling Mascara: I don’t use mascaras much, but will eventually try it.
– Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm: (Pictured, bottom left) I got ‘Mega Melon’ as part of the nudes collection, instead of a deep purple-hued color.
2 x make-up baggies + travel-sized Clinique ‘Happy’ fragrance: I’m giving these away because I’m not a fan of the pattern nor the scent.

I love gifts with purchases! YAY!

Best of 2012: BB & Belts

I can’t believe another year has passed! Since the launch of The Clueless Closettes blog, I’ve been more mindful of what I wear, what I buy, and how I present myself in general. Here are my two favorites:

Best Beauty Buy: Clinique BB Cream

products0 11

I finally jumped onto the BB cream bandwagon, and Clinique’s version certainly hasn’t let me down. I wear it every day and love how it helps my skin look so much better with so little effort.

Best Fashion Discovery: BELTS!

Prior to this year, I hardly owned any belts as accessories, only wearing a 15 year-old beat up leather belt from Singaporean chain Giordano. With my inauguration as one of the fabulous Closettes, I started discovering the versatility, utility and instant ‘style upgrade’ appeal of belts.


In 2012, I went from owning 3 belts to 12. Woah. I certainly am looking forward to mixing and matching these inexpensive belts with existing pieces of clothing to create new and better looks!

I’m really excited about all the sartorial opportunities of 2013. Here’s to another year of being fabulous!

Goodies Galore!

Earlier this week, I popped by my neighborhood Clinique counter to get more “Even Better” foundation. The salesperson at the counter let me in on an upcoming special, and suggested that I put in a “pre-order” for my desired purchase. Apparently, a new promo kicks in the next day, and I can receive a goodie bag if I waited 24 hours.

Not one to pass up a deal, plus the fact that I didn’t NEED the foundation immediately, and I live in the neighborhood so coming back wasn’t an issue, I readily agreed.

The next day, I went back for my purchase + goodie bag, and I was SHOCKED at the amount of goodies that came with it!:

That’s what I came to buy

And here’s what I received:

From left to right:
– 1 x large make-up pouch
– 1 x small make-up ouch
– 1 x eye make-up palette
– 1 x mascara
– 1 x make-up remover
– 1 Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion
– 1 lipstick

That’s a LOT of freebies for a $24 purchase! Yaay!