A Ring For World Peace

I was at lunch at a pop-up cafe in Little India called Compliments. Adjacent to the cafe was a little pop-up store featuring local designers. Just at the counter I spotted a few rings designed by Temasek Polytechnic students. Turned out that these were an effort to promote peace in our community and to support artisans in Cambodia. Each ring is made from remnants of the Cambodian war by local craftsman.

The brand is Saught.

I picked up one and it was a Cinderella moment: Perfect fit. It was just meant to be, I guess.


Hesitantly, I asked: “How much is this?” (hey, the shop has sunglasses for s$300++! I thought this would be up there with it too!)

No. My ring was under s$90.

“I’ll take it!”

Yay! Just relieved that world peace didn’t cost me an arm or a leg, figuratively or otherwise.