Boots found!

So after all my uneventful boot-shopping stories (here, here, here, here, and here), I FINALLY found a pair in late November! Sorry, all the holidays, travel, and craziness meant blogging fell by the wayside…

I got this pair of sleek dark brown boots by Ralph Lauren for $80 at the outlets, woooooot!

They are really quite perfect, being dressy, sleek, plain, and the heels aren’t too high nor narrow. Very pleased.


I… shall post a better photo soon, and maybe even with me in it, once it stops being 84 degrees in Los Angeles!


Emptyhanded Friday Night

What do you do when deadlines abound, work is piling up, your head feels like it’s going to implode, AND you’ve signed up to attend a symposium?

Well, I chose to say ‘eff it all’, and headed out for some retail therapy instead: I’m on the hunt for a pair of leather boots, and also a pair of flat dressy sandals for a beach wedding in the Dominican Republic.

I popped into Nordstrom Rack, and though I did try a few contenders, I ultimately left emptyhanded:

Most of the boots were flat riding boots, and I’m looking for leather dress boots with a heel. I quickly picked out this pair by Diesel, and, though comfortable and easy to walk in, the leather had a strange tinge to it. It seemed to be a mix of grey/purple/blue/brown, and I also felt that the boots were more ‘edgy’ rather than dressy. For $169, I passed on them.

Next I found this lovely pair of sandals which would have fit the bill for the Dominican Republic wedding. However, the ankle straps were not adjustable (zippered back) so the back of my foot flapped around too much in it. I would have bought them otherwise ($24.95 I think?).

This pair of cream-colored peeptoes with an adorable bow by Enzo Angiolini was a mere $22! However, bearing in mind that I had just acquired a $15 Vince Camuto pair, and the fact that these felt very stiff & uncomfortable, I promptly put them back.

Let the shoe hunt continue!

Boot-y hunter

It’s a sadly familiar ritual: I show up at DSW, gawk at the aisles upon aisles of boots, and find myself leaving empty handed. I did not think it would be so challenging to replace my current boots, which are slightly worse for wear.

I tried on these Calvin Klein “Hanabelle” boots, priced at a mere $85, AND I had $15 in coupons:
They are a russet brown, but the reddish hue would make them less versatile. (Although I did love this pair of red DvF boots!) So despite the great deal, I did not buy them.

Next, I tried on this beautiful Michael Kors pair with a stacked heel + platform front. Very comfortable, stylish, but I was not willing to spend $295 on them.

I’m headed to the outlet shops in a couple of weeks here, so hopefully I have some luck then!

Boot reboot

Sigh. I’ve been trying to find a replacement pair of boots, and my second attempt was unsuccessful again.


I got these Adrienne Vittadini boots for $99 during a Labor Day sale, but… they look too clunky in person. It’s a pity because they are comfortable, the stacked heel looks good, although I’m not sure they’re any better than my last attempt.

These will get returned, and the search continues…

Bye bye boots

Amazon offers free shipping and returns on most clothing items, so when I chanced upon a pair of Enzo Angiolini boots in my size for $69, I quickly snapped them up.



– Very comfy with a heavily padded foot bed
– Great price!
– Easy to tuck jeans into

– Looks more gray than black, which make the new boots look worn/old
– Calf section is too baggy: makes my legs look thicker than they already are
– Quality is questionable

So…. back they went. And the quest for new boots continues!

Delicious Maple

With everyone talking about camel-colored shoes lately (here, here, and here), I spotted this pair on that I really like – but have no justification to purchase. Los Angeles doesn’t really get THAT much boot-wearing weather.

I love that the color is called “Maple Sugar”. Sounds delish, and probably more appropriate for maple-producing Canada…

(Only 1 left in stock, and in MY SIZE?! GASP!)


Back in Black

(Sorry it’s out of focus: snapped this real quick in passing)

After spending a good amount of time fretting over what to wear, this was essentially what I looked like every day in New York:
– Trenchcoat: DKNY ($59)
– Leather boots: Ralph Lauren ($129)
– Leather gloves: Fownes
– Chunky knit scarf: Etsy
– Satchel: Calvin Klein ($120)

Save for the first 2 days when I wore my new leather jacket, Hurricane Sandy meant the above outfit was de rigeur for the rest of this unintentionally-extended trip.

These boots are made for walking

Sitting at JFK 6 hours early for my flight (yes, really), I noticed that the past 8 days in Manhattan have really taken a toll on my boots.

I acquired these Ralph Lauren cuffed boots last year for about $129 I believe. Despite the high stacked heel, they are amazingly comfortable.

Hopefully some polish and TLC will bring back some semblance of lustre to these hardworking shoes. The streets of New York + subway closures due to Hurricane Sandy certainly mean these boots were pounding the pavement a LOT!

The cold/rain option…

And, in response to MonoChromatic’s earlier post on what to wear in NYC in fall, I present to you….

Boots! and in particular jelly rainboots!

Images taken from online shop except top right from

Ok, maybe not shorts in the autumn, but you can’t go wrong with (trench)coats and skinny jeans. I really love those wedges-jelly rainboots (top right) and deeply regretted not buying them when they were sold on Zipia. But, what CAN I do with jelly rainboots in our hot, hot tiny island?? You’ll run the risk of getting heatstroke with jellyboots on your feet and calves.