Earthy Tones

Today, there’s a need to dress to impress a visiting client for an upcoming project.

Decided that subtle and muted tones would be elegant and classy.

Today’s ensemble:
~ Baby peach coloured blouse
~ Pants in light khaki (had bought these pants as part of a suit back in ealy 2000s in Denver from Petite Sophisticates. Really well-tailored clothes)
~ Sensible shoes with the pop of colour
~ Yellow-green peridot ring i had commissioned back in the mid 2000s.



(update: the meeting went ok but at dinner, a piece of errant meat flew outta my plate and landed on my pants. *sob* hope the dry cleaners can do magic! )

More Hair Bling

While we’re talking about things in our hair, this is what I wore on a recent outing with A:


More sparkles in my hair! (My mother always says my tastes haven’t progressed much since I was 4 years old, but what can I say, I just have a sparkly personality!)

Bling my Hair!

Hello Closettes! I know I’ve been missing for the past couple of weeks – have been caught up in my brother-in-law’s wedding festivities (yes, yes, blame it all on the in-laws). But with a wedding comes dressing up!


Enter hair jewellery!

I’ve had these pins for a while, and thought what better occasion to bring out the bling than at a wedding. So I handed them over to the hairdresser and asked her if she could incorporate them into whatever hairstyle she was planning on giving me.

Happily she complied:


As a bonus, I shall treat you all to a lousy picture I took in an attempt to show you guys what the entire hairstyle was (a half-up ponytail with all the loose hair curled)