Best of 2012: BB & Belts

I can’t believe another year has passed! Since the launch of The Clueless Closettes blog, I’ve been more mindful of what I wear, what I buy, and how I present myself in general. Here are my two favorites:

Best Beauty Buy: Clinique BB Cream

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I finally jumped onto the BB cream bandwagon, and Clinique’s version certainly hasn’t let me down. I wear it every day and love how it helps my skin look so much better with so little effort.

Best Fashion Discovery: BELTS!

Prior to this year, I hardly owned any belts as accessories, only wearing a 15 year-old beat up leather belt from Singaporean chain Giordano. With my inauguration as one of the fabulous Closettes, I started discovering the versatility, utility and instant ‘style upgrade’ appeal of belts.


In 2012, I went from owning 3 belts to 12. Woah. I certainly am looking forward to mixing and matching these inexpensive belts with existing pieces of clothing to create new and better looks!

I’m really excited about all the sartorial opportunities of 2013. Here’s to another year of being fabulous!


Get my face on

Summer’s here, and it means long hours of work, often in the sun (still no idea why outdoor weddings in the sweltering heat are such the rage). I’ve found it rather challenging trying to look presentable while literally running around all day. I finally figured out a combination of make-up products that last all day and keep me from looking like a greasy wreck:

(Pardon the smudged fingerprints on the tube. Clearly, I used this very often!)
Clinique BB cream. How did I take so long to discover this, I do not know. I wear this every day as a base, oftentimes just on its own, and I LOVE IT! Truly a miracle worker.

On long summer work days, I brush this on lightly with a foundation brush. It evens out my freckled complexion for a smooth, dewy, flawless look without being mask-like. That said, it does settle into fine lines and creases, so if you’re concerned about wrinkles, deduct a few points from its awesomeness.

To set the make-up and matte some of the dewiness (I don’t like dewy), I add a light pat of Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder foundation.

This combination trio works fabulously for long days in the summer heat, and without a single touch-up – not even a blotter sheet – I look fresh-faced at the end of the night.

For regular days out, BB cream + powder works well, and for lazy days/short trips/or just the need for SPF, I go with BB cream only.

Tadaaah! That’s what I ‘wear’ on my face. I wish clothing was as easy to deal with!