Boot-y hunter

It’s a sadly familiar ritual: I show up at DSW, gawk at the aisles upon aisles of boots, and find myself leaving empty handed. I did not think it would be so challenging to replace my current boots, which are slightly worse for wear.

I tried on these Calvin Klein “Hanabelle” boots, priced at a mere $85, AND I had $15 in coupons:
They are a russet brown, but the reddish hue would make them less versatile. (Although I did love this pair of red DvF boots!) So despite the great deal, I did not buy them.

Next, I tried on this beautiful Michael Kors pair with a stacked heel + platform front. Very comfortable, stylish, but I was not willing to spend $295 on them.

I’m headed to the outlet shops in a couple of weeks here, so hopefully I have some luck then!

Fall for Clinique

I’ve raved about how Clinique’s BB Cream was my best beauty buy of 2012, and today when I needed more, I found myself rewarded with Clinique goodies galore again, thanks to a gift-with-purchase special at Macy’s.

I purchased 1 x BB Cream, and received a whole bunch of stuff:


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Got this last year as a freebie and love it! Great for travel.
Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator: I’m excited to try this, and again, great travel size!
– All About Shadow quad: (Pictured, top right) I had the option for purples or nudes, and I chose nudes.
– Lash Doubling Mascara: I don’t use mascaras much, but will eventually try it.
– Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm: (Pictured, bottom left) I got ‘Mega Melon’ as part of the nudes collection, instead of a deep purple-hued color.
2 x make-up baggies + travel-sized Clinique ‘Happy’ fragrance: I’m giving these away because I’m not a fan of the pattern nor the scent.

I love gifts with purchases! YAY!

Boot reboot

Sigh. I’ve been trying to find a replacement pair of boots, and my second attempt was unsuccessful again.


I got these Adrienne Vittadini boots for $99 during a Labor Day sale, but… they look too clunky in person. It’s a pity because they are comfortable, the stacked heel looks good, although I’m not sure they’re any better than my last attempt.

These will get returned, and the search continues…

Skinny & Pointy in NYC

Hello from New York City, this time, thankfully, sans hurricane.

It’s been an awesome trip with great weather, so skinny jeans and pointy pumps have been my standard “evening in NYC” outfit. (My daytime outfits are really dull: black capris + Cole Haan Nike Air wedge pumps + sleeveless tops.)

Here’s what I wore today for our last night in the city, as we headed uptown for dinner.

Unfortunately I blinked in BOTH pictures, thus the odd crops:

photo 1

  • Black turtleneck: H&M, $24.95. Worn on my last trip to NYC as well!
  • Blue scarf: Nordstrom rack, $11
  • Levi’s Curves ‘leggings’: $39. Last shown paired with a red trenchcoat in the snow.
  • Black pointy pumps: Nine West. These shoes are at least 8 years old, if not older!
    I plan to toss them in the trash tomorrow instead of flying them back to LA with me, as they are really cracking, peeling, and falling apart 😦 So since, since they’re FINALLY well broken-in and actually comfortable!
  • Calvin Klein purse (as usual)
  • Kenneth Cole watch (as usual)

photo 2

I realized one thing: my closet seems generally more appropriate for New York than Los Angeles, that’s for sure!

The cold/rain option…

And, in response to MonoChromatic’s earlier post on what to wear in NYC in fall, I present to you….

Boots! and in particular jelly rainboots!

Images taken from online shop except top right from

Ok, maybe not shorts in the autumn, but you can’t go wrong with (trench)coats and skinny jeans. I really love those wedges-jelly rainboots (top right) and deeply regretted not buying them when they were sold on Zipia. But, what CAN I do with jelly rainboots in our hot, hot tiny island?? You’ll run the risk of getting heatstroke with jellyboots on your feet and calves.

Fall trends: RTR & Anthropologie

Next Saturday marks the Fall equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere, which is only a technicality, because it’s still absolutely scorching here in Los Angeles.

I received 2 emails today, with Fall trend previews:

Long Sleeves and Colored Lace, according to RentTheRunway

Anthropologie is inspired by the Scottish highlands with… too many mumsy-looking things for my taste.

But in all honesty, I don’t give two hoots about the trends right now: I just want some REAL autumn weather!